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James Kanter
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New York, America

James Kanter is a Brussels-based journalist and a former correspondent for The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times.[1]

Early career

Kanter was born in New York and grew up in Beverly Hills, California.[2] He started his journalism career at The Cambodia Daily where he served as editor-in-chief from 1995 to 1997. In this role Kanter was an advocate for press freedom[3] and environmentalism[4] in Southeast Asia.[5]

Reporting on Climate

In 2009 Kanter received the UACES Thomson Reuters Reporting Europe prize for his investigation into outsized profits energy companies made under the European Union Emission Trading Scheme.[6][7] That same year Kanter contributed to the launch of a new Energy & Environment section of the NYTimes.com,[8] where he reported on a number of local environmental issues, such as a biofuel project in Goteborg, Sweden.[9]

European affairs

Kanter revealed in 2013 that former European Commissioner John Dalli had made undisclosed trips to the Bahamas while in office, including travel by private jet.[10][11] In 2016, Kanter covered the terrorist attacks in Brussels for the New York Times.[12]

Kanter initiated a number of discussions in Brussels, such as on the number of Belgian Parliaments[13] and on the power dynamics at the EU summits. In 2016 the Financial Times wrote that “James Kanter of the New York Times does a tremendous job of looking at how EU leaders project their power at EU summits, be it through bringing along nuclear codes or better still the finest in Luxembourgish neckwear.”[14] Kanter remained a commentator on European affairs on international and local media after leaving the paper in 2017.[15] In 2018 Kanter launched the independent European politics podcast EU Scream with Tom Brookes.[16][17]


After the Brexit referendum of 2016, Kanter became an advocate for British citizens seeking to obtain an EU passport in another country in order to preserve their rights.[18][19]


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