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James Adam Tucker
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James Adam Tucker (born December 19, 1962) is an American actor, film director, and film editor. He has worked in a number of mainstream and union films as an actor, while writing, directing, and editing several independent feature films, largely in the horror genre.[1]

Early Life

Tucker was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1962. While attending college at Morgan State University, he began to work in video production while pursuing acting as a passion.[2] His first feature film role was as a policeman in John Waters’ 1988 film Hairspray. After graduating in 1987, James and his wife Patricia moved to California to pursue his acting career.


Tucker’s first completed feature film as a director, Devil Snow, was produced in 1989 and released to home video in 1991.[3] The film is notable for featuring the first onscreen appearance of actor Morris Chestnut.

Working with his own Horroraction Cinema Productions, Tucker completed the super 8 independent features Steps from Hell (1990) and Lunatic (1991). These films were self-financed and distributed, and featured non-union cast and crew with Tucker and his associates performing a number of on-set roles themselves.[4]

Throughout the 1990s, Tucker also worked with Vista Street Entertainment in various roles and contributed to the film The Flesh Merchant. He also continued to direct independent features, including Human Prey and Knightwalks.

As an actor, Tucker has appeared in many independent and major studio productions, with notable roles in motion pictures as well as television. In recent years, he has been featured on The Mindy Project, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and the upcoming Disney+ series Genius: MLK/X.

In the early 2000s, Tucker and producer/writer Joshua Nelson worked together to produce a series of independent horror films that received distribution on home video. These include Skinned Alive, Aunt Rose, and Pink Eye.[5] [6] These features have received wide release through a number of companies, including Lionsgate Entertainment, Anchor Bay Entertainment, and Halo 8 Entertainment+, respectively.[7] [8][9] His 2004 comedy film Baby Fat won the award for Best Feature Film at the 2004 Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition.[10]

James has also worked extensively as an editor, beginning with Mike Tristano’s The Flesh Merchant (1993). He has edited many of his own feature films as well as dozens of shorts and motion pictures for other filmmakers.


Acting Credits

Caption text
Year Title Role Notes
1986 Superior Court Defendant Tulaloo 1 episode
1988 Hairspray Cop credited as Adam Tucker
1988 The Occultist Roof Top Security credited as Adam Tucker
1988 Death House Prisoner Rodney credited as Adam Tucker
1989 Future Force COPS Officer credited as Adam Tucker
1989 Born Killer Anderson credited as Adam Tucker
1990 Bad Men Corey not completed, available online
1990 Hunter Del Johnson 1 episode, credited as Adam Tucker
1990 Casey's Gift: For Love of a Child The Cop credited as Adam Tucker
1991 Steel and Lace Bodyguard credited as Adam Tucker
1992 The Summoned Detective #1 credited as Adam Tucker
1993 Beverly Hills, 90210 Mike 2 episodes, credited as Adam Tucker
1993 The Flesh Merchant Mac Williamson credited as Adam Tucker
1995 With Criminal Intent Crazy Larry credited as Adam Tucker
2000 Ultimate Prey Mabuto
2001 Strong Medicine Nathan 1 episode, credited as Adam Tucker
2010 Flick's Chicks Minister credited as Adam Tucker
2012 Breakdown Derek 1 episode, credited as Adam Tucker
2014 The Brittany Murphy Story African American Man credited as Adam Tucker
2014 The Mindy Project Cop 1 episode
2015 Within These Walls Officer Davis credited as Adam Tucker
2015 Tosh.0 Business Man 1 episode
2015 The Hill Joe Taylor 6 episodes
2015 My Haunted House Officer Kaiman 1 episode
2015 Police and Quiet Sarge 2 episodes, 1 short
2016 Murky Roads Dominic short film
2016 Murder Book Fire Marshall 1 episode
2016 The Other Wife Detective Samuels
2016 Drone Wars Scientist credited as Adam Tucker
2016 House of Darkness Officer Hicks
2016 Mistresses Court Clerk 1 episode, credited as Adam Tucker
2016 Instant Karma Senior Man - William 1 episode
2017 Magic Funhouse! Therapy Patient Greg 1 episode
2017 Dress Rehearsal Det. Pearson short film
2017 Up for Adoption City Hall Worker 1 episode
2017 Training Day Corrections Officer Tolan 1 episode, credited as Adam Tucker
2017 Life is Funny Calvin video
2017 Imperial Uncle Levi
2017 Disgraced Driver TV movie
2017-2018 Life is Funny Calvin 2 episodes
2018 Odds Are Detective
2018 Criminal Minds Dr. Lester Jennings 1 episode, uncredited
2018 Tournament Arthur
2018 Book Club Court Deputy credited as Adam Tucker
2018 Starman Ministr Fe TV movie
2018 Father Militant Doctor Redding 1 episode
2018 He Watches Over Me Pastor Jones credited as Adam Tucker
2019 Who Stole My Daughter? School Principal TV Movie
2019 Weedjies: Halloweed Night Ganja Ghost
2019 Darkness Comes Counselor short
2020 Loose AF Reverend Pitts 1 episode
2020 There's No Such Thing as Vampires Officer Davis
2022 On the Come Up Mr. Watson
2023 Wu-Tang: An American Saga Wilbert Hart 1 episode

As Director

Caption text
Year Title Notes
1990 Steps From Hell
1991 Lunatic
1991 Devil Snow produced in 1989, also released as Neighborhoodz
1995 Human Prey
1995 Knightwalks
2001 Bad Places
2001 Boulevard Gangs
2002 Savage Roses
2003 Addiction
2004 Baby Fat
2005 Aunt Rose
2005 Get Thee Behind Me! co-director
2007 Gala Goers short film
2007 The Deposition
2008 Pink Eye
2008 Skinned Alive
2010 Flick's Chicks
2010 The Guru TV series, 3 episodes
2011 Green Manor TV series, 1 episode
2013 Life of Brad short film
2014 Faith Fall TV series
2014 Interrogation TV series
2014 The Short Store-y TV series
2015 Within These Walls
2021 Keep Newton Beautiful TV series, 2 episodes

As Editor

Caption text
Year Title Notes
1993 The Flesh Merchant
1994 Images of Death: Highway of Blood
1999 The Game
2001 Evil Sister 2
2001 Bad Places
2001 Boulevard Gangs also director
2002 Savage Roses also director
2003 Addiction also director
2004 When Einstein Lived in Pasadena TV movie
2004 Baby Fat also director
2005 Aunt Rose also director
2005 Get Thee Behind Me! also co-director
2007 Gala Goers short film, also director
2007 The Deposition
2007 Willa Mae, the Church Lady Vampire Slayer
2010 Flick's Chicks also director
2010 The Guru TV series
2011 Next Door Where the Light Shines In
2012 Open Call TV series, 1 episode
2013 Vignettes TV series
2013 Life of Brad short film
2014 Rivalry TV movie
2015 Within These Walls also director
2018 Protecting Winter short film
2018 Pets, Vets & Regrets short film
2018 Dude...I Think You're Dead short film
2018 A Priest Walks Into a Bar short film
2018 Trade short film
2019 Help from Above short film
2019 Fly on the Wall short film
2019 Kids Today short film
2019 Tales from the Waiting Room short film
2019 Random Dead Guy short film
2019 Psycho-Therapy
2019 Vintage Treasures short film
2019 What's Bothering You?
2020 Crazy Talk short film
2020 Meow Mixer short film
2020 A Broken Arrow short film
2020 Special short film
2020 Specter of Quarantine short film
2020 The Trouble with Sugar & Spice short film
2020 Orderly Disorders
2020 Hit-Man of La Mancha short film
2021 Faces of Dead Women short film
2021 How Can I Help You?
2021 Face Blind short film
2021 Speaking Easy short film
2021 The Essence of Adolescence short film
2021 A Frank Conversation short film
2021 Harom short film
2021 Mending the Mind
2021 One Voice at a Time short film
2022 Fear and Salvation short film
2022 Under Attack short film
2022 Lounge Lizards short film
2022 The Monologue Project short film
2022 Thoughts & Feelings short film
2022 The Things We Cannot Change
2022 Mirage short film
2022 Missing Manhood short film
2022 Long Story Short short film
2022 Kid Life Crisis short film
2022 Emotional Discourse short film
2023 Speaking Our Minds short film
2023 Limbo Laugh Factory short film
2023 Deprogrammed short film


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