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Jalsrushti Agro Company is located in Pandharpur taluka of Solapur district.It is a diverse, fully equipped company.This is the first time that a company has been set up in Solapur district which is testing the soil and wat[1]er of the farmers for free of cost. Jalsrushti Agro Company is the largest micro-irrigation company in Solapur district. Here the farmers are assisted in everything from design to guidance.Micro-irrigation fertilizers, seeds and medicines are available on demand of all the farmers. The Department of Tissue culture in Aquaculture has International Organization for Standardization certification of Plant like Banana, Pomegranate, Sugarcane, Citrus, Mango and Code of reputed companies like Jain.

Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation is the need of the hour. Because water is a gift of nature to mankind and it is unlimited but not always free. The world's water resources are rapidly declining. The only solution to this problem is drip irrigation system.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

  • Drip irrigation provides water as per daily requirement so that the crop is not affected. Chlorophyll formation does not break down. As a result, the trees grow faster and faster. Alternatively production increases.
  • Production increases by 20 to 200%.
  • Crops are harvested early. Therefore, double crop is beneficial.
  • Drip saves 30 to 80% water.
  • Crop production can be achieved by drip irrigation in alkaline soils.
  • Sloping lands can be brought under drip cultivation without leveling.
  • Soil erosion stops.
  • Fertilizer can be given by drip.100% fertilizer is used. Fertilizer costs save 30-35% ,Fertilizer wastage is avoided. Crops can be fertilized in equal proportions. This leads to efficient use of fertilizers.
  • There is no need for watering can. This saves on labor costs.
  • The crop can be harvested under drip irrigation in dry land orchards.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

Sprinkler Irrigation System[2] This method should be used with proper planning to get the benefits of sprinkler irrigation system.Electric motor / diesel engine, pump, suction delivery pipes, sub-main pipe laterals, riser, nozzle, end plug, bend etc. material is used for irrigation.

Advantages of sprinkler irrigation system :

  • It saves 25 to 35% of water.
  • Liquid chemical fertilizers can be applied by sprinkler-irrigation so fertilizers fall on the roots of crops and This saves on efficient use of fertilizers.
  • Crop yields increase by 12 to 20%.
  • Labor costs come down.
  • Rain-like water falls on the crops, which washes away some pests.
  • The leaves and trays stay clean.
  • Irrigation capacity is higher than runoff irrigation.

Water purificatio

The filter station is the heart of the micro-irrigation system.Filters are an insurance to protect the input water from piles entering the irrigation system, no matter how clean it is.Even small particles in water can cause drip emitters to suffocate. Types of filters commonly used are: hydro-cyclone / sand separator, media filter (sand filter) and mandatory filter (screen / disk / turbo clean) . Types of filters used in the system depend on the quality of the input water and their capacity depends on the design and discharge.Basically, hydro-cyclone filters / sand separators are used for sand particles which may come from flowing water sources like rivers, canals, borewells etc. Media filters are used for biological impurities such as algae / mud etc. It is used to obtain uniform discharge from dripper and to reduce lateral and dripper obstruction or suffocation.

Why install a filter?

Inline drip tubes have drip implants inside them while they are being made, so the choice of filter is more important in this method as inline tubes cannot be cleaned. Normally a mesh filter is fitted in all sets, but other filters need to be fitted according to the quality of the water.If there is water from wells and boreholes and the amount of waste is less then mesh filter should be installed. The water will contain algae and floating substances, stagnant water, sand filters are essential if water from ponds or open fields is to be used,Otherwise the mesh filter is frequently clogged and sufficient flow of water is not possible. If sand, clay, sand particles are coming from the water, these particles can accumulate and stop drip losses.Such particles come from water from old bore Well or newly dug wells. Use a hydro-cyclone filter for this.Due to the high density of sand particles through this filter, the water is rapidly thrown towards the outside wall of the filter and accumulates at the bottom. These particles can then be extracted separately. Disc Filters should be preferred if the solids, organic matter and dissolved salts in the irrigation water are low but combined.In this filter, plastic cushions are attached to each other on a tube. These discs have fine notches.The water seeped into the filter is discharged through the grooves between the two discs. Two different filters if required according to water quality

(E.g. mesh and sand) It is beneficial to fit the set together.

Features of Filter:

  • New and improved polymers have made plastic filters look just like metal.
  • The polymer material is lightweight.
  • Inlet / outlet manifold coated with deep blue epoxy powder over 150 microns on the inside and outside surface for protection from rust and weather effects.
  • Can also be supplied with light weight, durable HDPE manifold or chemically resistant stainless steel manifold. Please be sure to order.

PVC plastic pipes and fittings[3]

As a material PVC is quite durable, flexible and resistant to many harsh working conditions including water, sewage, chemicals, soil and water pressure. As plastic, PVC is resistant to rust and weather effects.During chemical handling and processing, PVC provides sufficient chemical strength and consistency with many preservatives, strong and weak acids, weak base as well as halite / brine solutions.The chlorine content in PVC pipe and fittings provides increased material resistance to chemical attacks, causing wear and tear. Also fire, flame spread.

Compared to many metallic materials used for similar applications, products made from zeolite are lightweight, easy to handle and show low chemical reactions. They also offer a longer service life than the cost.

PE pipes and fittings

Solar power

Finding energy alternatives will be important in the future. Solar energy[4] is a very good option for this .With the use of solar energy in daily life along with agriculture, a lot of work can be done at low cost.Solar equipment makes cooking perfect. Impure water can be converted into pure water.Water is pumped out with the help of solar system. Photovoltaic devices convert solar energy into electrical energy.It is used to run electric pumps. Draws water from pumping system, open well, coupon line, stream, pond, canal. Hot water can be used for daily use by a solar powered solar hot water plant. Solar equipment is not harmful to the environment in any way. It does not cause any pollution.


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