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Ivan Vukadinović (essayst)
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Ivan Vukadinović

1974 (age 48–49)
Belgrade, Serbia
EducationFaculty of Organizational Sciences
Alma mater6th Belgrade Gymnasium
  • Writer
  • Essayist

Ivan Vukadinović (Belgrade, 1974) is a Serbian writer and essayist. He writes epic and science fiction novels, essays on geopolitics, science and literature, as well as travelogues on mountaineering.


Ivan Vukadinović made his debut as a novelist in 2006 with the fantasy trilogy "Three Goblins", which is a continuation of Tolkien's world,[1]to enter the field of esotericism and science fiction in his novels about Agartha.

Vukadinović graduated from the 6th Belgrade Gymnasium and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.[2]


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  • Scepter ("Three Goblins" 2), independent author's edition. Belgrade: 2007. ISBN 978-86-908903-2-3;
  • Dawn of the New Day ("Three Goblins" 3), independent author's edition. Belgrade: 2007. ISBN 978-86-908903-3-0;
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  • Heretics Agarte, "Draslar partner". Belgrade: 2012. ISBN 978-86-7614-202-6;
  • Artifact, Scriptorium. Belgrade: 2012. ISBN 978-86-6313-002-9;
  • World of Agartha, "Pesic and Sons". Belgrade: 2014. ISBN 978-86-7540-192-6.

Reception at criticism: On the occasion of the novel by Jeretica Agartha, Vladimir Đurić Đura estimates that Vukadinović has "knowledge and great erudition", and that the novel offers a "beautiful compilation". According to Đurić, Vukadinović's introduction of science fiction to the theme of Agartha - a motif that, like the energy of the source, interested the Nazis - places this writer among those who, according to Norman Spinrad's classification, create "fiction in real countries". [3]

Danko Stojić says about the novel Heretic Agartha: "Vukadinović is a writer who has excellent knowledge from many scientific and parascientific fields (...) A book of knowledge feeds his imagination and drives him to various speculations (...) Heretic Agartha can be a kind of breviary for lovers of mysticism and occultism. ”[4]

The same critic on the occasion of the novel Artefact says: "Ivan Vukadinović, in his novels that are on the border of science fiction and historical fiction, playfully and boldly play with the phenomena of time and space, while his imagination is boundless."[5]


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