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Irfan Murtaza
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Irfan Murtaza was born in Karachi, Pakistan and has lived in the United States for the last 35 years. He began writing poetry at the age of 15, and he presented his work in his first mushaira in 1987. He is the founder and current president of Urdu Writers Society Inc. which actively promotes Urdu literature in the US.

Best known for his poems dealing with love, he is a renowned poet who has published four books and released two CDs. Puraanay Gher Kay Mosam, Irfan’s first book, was published in 2002. In this collection, he relives his experiences from his homeland. This book has a universal message that appeals to any person who has left their homeland. Chanda, a collection of 88 love poems, was published in 2005. TasveeraiN, in which Irfan carries out imaginary conversations and interviews with 32 famous Urdu writers from the past, was also published in that same year. Dhanak Kay Rung Aur Tum was published in 2007, featuring another 125 love poems. Sulagti Rait Per Sajda is Irfan’s latest poetry book with 95 Urdu Ghazals. This book was released in April, 2019.

Irfan’s travels have taken him around the world to read and promote his books in several countries: across the United States, Pakistan, England, Singapore and others. In the Urdu community, he is known worldwide for his poems “Jo bhi Tha Keya Thora Tha”, “Ab Bhi Aysa Hota Hoga” and “Puraanay Gher Kay Mosam”.

Irfan is an accomplish artist and is known for painting emphasizing historical structures, monuments, statues. His subjects, for both mediums, typically revolve around nature, painting and taking photos of animals and landscapes. Irfan's paintings can be seen at

Recently, in 2021, Irfan Murtaza started his passion with calligraphy. Various samples of his work are exhibited at his new website


Irfan Murtaza has traveled around the world to read and promote Urdu poetry in several countries including United States, Pakistan, Dubai, England, Canada, Singapore, and others. He received various awards from different literary organizations

• Karachi University, Pakistan

• Jang Halqa-e-Adab, Pakistan

• Alami Majlis-e-Adab, Pakistan

• Adabi Markaz Washington D.C.

• Bazm-e-Sirajul-Adab, Pakistan

• Fun Asia Radio, Dallas, Texas

• American Urdu Writers Society, Los Angeles

• Urdu Academy of North America

• Cross Road School of Arts Los Angeles

• Jashn-e-Urdu, Dubai, UAE

• Mayor of Los Angeles Award

Authored Books

Irfan Murtaza is known for poems dealing with love, he has published five books, including 4 poetry books and one book of "Tassawurati Makaalmaat" (First of its kind in the Urdu language) and released three Audio Books.[1][2]

PURAANAY GHER KAY MOSAM پُرانے گھر کے موسم

This book was published in 2002. In this collection, I re-lived my experiences from my early life. This book has a universal message that appeals to any person who has left their homeland.


This book was published in 2005 and it has a collection of 88 love poems.[3]


In this book, Irfan carried out imaginary conversations and interviews with 32 famous Urdu poets from the past. This book was also published in 2005.

DHANAK KAY RUNG AUR TUM دھنک کے رئگ اور تُم

This book was published in 2007, featuring another 125 love poems.

SULAGTI RAIT PER SAJDA سُلگتی ریت پر سجدہ

This book was published in 2019, featuring 125 Ghazals.

Most Popular Poetry

In the Urdu community, Irfan Murtaza is known worldwide for his poems with millions of views.[4] His most popular poems have traveled throughout the world, including:




Art Work

After making his name in Urdu poetry, Irfan started to paint.[5] As with his poetry, the subjects in Irfan's paintings typically revolve around nature, history, landscapes, and human suffering. All of his paintings are acrylic-based. When it comes to painting, Irfan Murtaza is a true realist. He likes to create paintings that requires detailed work. Since he was born in Pakistan, his poetry and paintings contain subjects related to Pakistan, as well as the history of other countries. Two of Irfan's paintings have been inaugurated on two separate occasions by ambassadors of Pakistan to the USA.[6][7]


Art Achievements

Irfan Murtaza's painting of the "Pakistan Monument" has been placed in the Foreign Ministery of Pakistan's lobby at the Sahabzadah Yaqoob Khan Building . The Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Mr. Sohail Masood, and the Ambassador Mr. Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry received my painting on behalf of the Government of Pakistan.

A copy of Irfan Murtaza's painting "Priest-King" has been placed at the National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi.

Re-Paint Pakistan

Irfan believes that people of Pakistan are the ones, who can paint the image of their country with "ITTEHAAD, TANZEEM & YAQEEN-E-MOHKAM".

In 2015, he started a Facebook page named Re-Paint Pakistan. The purpose of the page is to provide the world with a positive image of Pakistan by demonstrating its "GOOD SIDE" to the world. On the page, you will find only good people, beautiful places and positive images of Pakistan and Pakistani people. Re-Paint Pakistan is not affiliated with any political party or religion and is purely a forum to promote the softer image of Pakistan. Irfan's goal is to promote and acknowledge people from each and every area of Pakistan who are doing positive work to improve the image of their beloved country.

Re-Paint Pakistan also has a Youtube Channel to introduce the Real Heroes of Pakistan and also people who are the true motivators to the people of Pakistan, living in or outside of the country. Re-Paint Pakistan had the honor to have H. E. Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, H. E. Ambassador Mr. Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, and H. E. Ambassador Mr. Jaleel Abbas Jilani as their guests.

Re-paint Pakistan has over 100,000 followers and is growing day by day.

Collage Designing for Pakistani Consulate and Pakistani Embassies

Irfan Murtaza designed two different collages to be displayed at different Consulates of Pakistan and Pakistani Embassies. In one of the collages, I introduced several amazing places in Pakistan to promote tourism. At the Consulate General of Pakistan, one of the colleges was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Pakistan H. E. Mr. Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry.[8]

Urdu Writer's Society

In 2003, Irfan Murtaza founded and organized a literary organization Urdu Writers Society of North America, Inc. This society has been promoting the Urdu language in the USA for the last 18 years by:

• Organizing various Mushairas

• Book inaugurations for several Urdu writers of North America

• Publishing poetry books for poets at society's expense

• Issuing various cash awards for Urdu writers and promoters to show appreciation for their literary accomplishments

Irfan launched a literary website, which includes Urdu learning lessons. He also personally taught Urdu classes for non-Urdu speaking adults and children

Urdu Classes in California

Irfan Murtaza arranged a series of Urdu Language classes in Fullerton, California, USA.[9] This course was designed and introduced by the Urdu Writers Society which has played a catalytic role in the promotion of Urdu in North America. It was the beginning of a new chapter in the promotion of Urdu in North America. These classes were a successful commencement of weekly classes to impart learning Urdu to 25 enthusiasts from vastly different backgrounds – mainstream Americans to immigrants with roots in Pakistan, Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala.


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