Iowa Legendary Rye

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Iowa Legendary Rye
TypeRye Whiskey
ManufacturerIowa Legendary Rye , LLC
Country of originUnited States
Alcohol by volume40%
Proof (US)80

Iowa Legendary Rye is a rye whiskey made in Templeton, Iowa, which practices a family tradition and a production philosophy, meaning that all of their production takes place in and around the town of Templeton, Iowa, Carroll County, United States. The water and rye used in their distillation process are both sourced only from Carrol and Crawford Counties. Iowa Legendary Rye uses a 1920s style replica small 26-gallon pot still in their rye whiskey and vodka recipes. Fashioned exactly from a prohibition-era recipe from the 1920s.[1] With the same rye vodka and rye whiskey recipe made from locally grown cereal rye.

In the 1920s, the American government destabilized the country's alcohol industry. Vodka and Rye Whiskey having been sold nationally came under the 18th Amendment and prohibition started. Underground Bootleggers started sprouting up around North America for the distillation and sales of illegal spirits. And one name “Lorine Sextro” took up this profession to feed her family and keep her land and farm. In the 1920s, she perfected a rye whiskey and vodka recipe. Today, The grandmother's name while keeping to tradition was the start of the Iowa Legendary Ryes company. Iowa Legendary rye whiskey and rye vodka were re-introduced to the public after over 90 years of being kept a family secret. ‘’ILR’’ is still a euphemism for spirits produced within the prohibition-era with small pot stills.[2]

In Templeton, IA the Sextro family as well as 13 other local families at its high point produced over 300 gallons of rye whiskey a day for sales and distribution throughout the midwest United States. Today, Iowa Legendary Rye sells rye and vodka to retail chains in the America and is looking to expand worldwide in the next following years).[3]

Iowa Legendary White Rye was the first unaged rye launched by Iowa Legendary Rye. Influenced by moonshining, bootlegging, and the prohibition-era from Lorine Sextro in Templeton, Iowa, USA during the 1920s, Iowa Legendary Rye was introduced. At their peak in the 1930s, this underground distillery produced more than 300-Gallons of white rye spirits every day.

Recently while working with the American Historical Society. Iowa Legendary Rye dug up there pre-prohibition still that was used in the 1920s with the help of a sniffer dog.[4] Further historical mapping on their farm continues to date with locating over 14 barrels of 100-year-old whiskey that were buried to elude the federal government. Who went to one of their local neighbor's houses and arrested them instead. To this date, underground mapping and the assistance of a sniffer dog has shown locations that might hold these century-old barrels on their farmstead.

Iowa Legendary Rye Whiskey Flavors

Iowa Legendary White Rye (1920) – lemon-flavored vodka. 40% ABV.
Iowa Legendary Vodka Rye (1920) – black currant flavored vodka. 40% ABV.
Iowa Legendary Private Reserve Red Label Rye (1920) – mandarin and orange-flavored vodka. 40% ABV.
Iowa Legendary Aged Black Label Rye (1920) – vanilla-flavored vodka. 40% ABV.
Iowa Legendary Purple Patriot Label Rye (1920) – Raspberry flavored vodka. 40% ABV.


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