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Ines Maria Antonia Simpson
Ines Maria Antonia Simpson.jpg
Ines Antonia Maria Van Imschoot

(1953-06-30) June 30, 1953 (age 70)
Ghent, Belgium
Other namesInes Simpson
Alma mater
  • NGH, New Hampshire - Omni School of Hypnosis
  • Deland, Florida - Ultra Depth Training
  • Long Island New York
  • Hypnotist
  • Hypnosis Trainer
  • Author
Years active2000 - Present

Ines Maria Antonia Simpson (born 30th June 1953 in Ghent, Belgium as Ines Antonia Maria Van Imschoot) is a Canadian hypnotist, hypnosis trainer, author, and radio host. She is the creator of the Simpson Protocol (SP), an advanced hypnosis process that offers a complete integrated and holistic approach to hypnosis. Simpson is considered as a pioneer in hypnotherapy and has been often covered by the high-tier media publications for it.[1]

Simpson is a certified Hypno-anesthesia and pain management therapist and Omni Hypnosis trainer.[2] She is the recipient of the 2014 Unique Hypnosis Pioneer Award.

Early life and education

Simpson worked in several fields before starting her studies in hypnotherapy.[3] She worked in the hospitality industry and also did commercial fishing on Canada's west coast. When Simpson was in her 40's, she took her first hypnotherapy course.[4]

Ines Simpson also did major studies in advanced hypnosis from Ultra Depth International, and was going to be a Trainer for Ultra Deth (the late James Raimey) - but SP (Simpson Protocol) became such an important factor - that she is now focused exclusively on teaching and training for SP[5]

Simpson also took Omni Hypnosis Instructor Training with the late Jerry Kein in 2002 and became among the first of the Omni Hypnosis Trainers and the first in Canada.[6]


After completing her studies in Hypnotherapy, Simpson became a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2000.[7] In the same year, she received a Hypnosis certification from the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association.[8]

In 2003, Simpson became certified as a National Hypnosis Guild (NGH, the largest hypnosis body in the world) instructor, and by 2006 she became a faculty member at NGH. Simpson was the first certified instructor for the NGH in western Canada.[9]

In 2006, Simpson started her research and work for the creation of the Simpson Protocol, which went on for over five years.[10]

Simpson got inducted into the NGH's Order of Braid in recognition of service to professional hypnotism in 2012.[11] In 2013, she became a certified Omni Hypnosis Instructor.

Simpson offers individual Client services as well as a wide range of Hypnosis Courses including, the International Omni Certified Hypnosis Training and the award-winning Simpson Protocol Advanced training. She also offers comprehensive individual hypnosis sessions to help resolve personal issues and help her clients gain more control over behaviors and cope better with emotions. Over the years, Simpson has worked with numerous people and assisted them in making profound changes in their lives.[12]

Simpson was also the radio host for Voice America Internet Radio since 2018. Her podcast aired weekly (and is still available), where she talks about the World of Modern Hypnosis and interviews many of the most prominent Hypnotists of this generation. The podcast is for anyone, the general public, the interested, the skeptic and the informed Hypnotists - and still has a wide and varied audience

Simpson Protocol Hypnosis

Simpson Protocol was successfully completed in 2011. It is a complete integrated holistic approach to hypnosis. Simpson Protocol is the first technique in the history of time that allows hypnotists to work interactively with patients in deep Esdaile State.[13] The highlighting feature of this protocol is that it ensures the comfort and privacy of the clients and does not require them to verbalize their issues if they don’t want to. With the Simpson Protocol, the hypnotist follows a pattern of general questions which allow the client’s Superconscious Mind to fill in the blanks in the least intrusive way possible. The Simpson Protocol allows the clients to have unprecedented access to the Superconscious for physical, emotional, spiritual healing. This protocol allows the client’s Superconscious to work as an individual entity by letting the conscious mind relax.[14] The use of the Simpson Protocol helps the hypnotist to reach the highest and deepest levels of hypnosis and helps in the understanding of the root cause of the client’s pain, suffering, or distress. The Simpson Protocol helps to deal with anxiety, eliminate stress and fears, sexual issues and anxieties, phobias of any kind, drug, and other addictions.

As Ines Simpson says, SP works with anything attached to the Mind - and everything is attached to the Mind


  • The Simpson Protocol Instruction Manual: Working Interactively in the Esdaile State and Beyond, Published in 2013
  • A Simple Introduction to Hypnosis, Published in 2017
  • Conversations about Hypnosis and other Mind Stuff: Insights into the world of Hypnosis with Ines Simpson, Published in 2019
  • Hypnosis - Everywhere, Ines Simpson and the Simpson Protocol


  • 2012 - Hallmark Award - Top Rated Instructor by Student Evaluation
  • 2012 National Guild of Hypnotists - “Order of the Braid’
  • 2014 - Unique Hypnosis Pioneer Award for developing the Simpson Protocol Advanced Hypnosis System

Licenses and certifications

  • National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified trainer
  • Hypno-anesthesia and pain management therapist
The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)
Issued in 2000
  • Omni Hypnosis Certified Trainer
Omni School of Hypnosis
  • Simpsons Protocol Creator


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