Imperial Noble Consort Heyu

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Imperial Noble Consort Heyu
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Born(1761 -01-09)January 9, 1761
DiedApril 27, 1834(1834-04-27) (aged 73)
  • Mingfu (father)

Imperial Noble Consort Heyu (和裕皇貴妃; 9 January 1761 – 27 April 1834) was a consort of Jiaqing Emperor.

Family background

Imperial Noble Consort Heyu's personal name wasn't recorded in history. She came from Han Chinese Bordered White Banner Liu clan, later manchurised to Liugiya (刘佳)

Father: Mingfu (明福), served as baitangga[1]

Qianlong era

Lady Liugiya was born on the 21th day of the 12th lunar month of the 26th year of Qianlong era, which translates to 9 January 1761 in the Gregorian calendar. In 1776, she married Yongyan, Qianlong Emperor's 15th son and became his mistress (格格; pinyin: gege).On 4 February 1779, she gave birth to Yongyan's first son, Prince Mu of the Second Rank (穆郡王), who would die prematurely in 1780. On 30 January 1782, she gave birth to Princess Zhuangjing of the Second Rank (庄敬和硕公主), Yongyan's third daughter.

Jiaqing era

After the coronation of Jiaqing Emperor, Lady Liu was granted a title "Consort Xian"(诚妃;"诚" meaning "truthful"). On 24 December 1801, Consort Xian's daughter married Mongolian prince Sodnamdorji of the Khorchin Borjigit clan. Lady Liu was elevated to "Noble Consort Xian" (诚贵妃) in January 1808[2].

Daoguang era

After the enthronement of Daoguang Emperor in 1820, Noble Consort Xian was promoted to "Dowager Imperial Noble Consort Xianxi" (诚禧皇贵妃, "诚禧" meaning "truthful and happy"). Lady Liu died on 27 April 1834 at the age of 73. She was posthumously bestowed a title "Imperial Noble Consort Heyu" (和裕皇贵妃; "和裕" meaning "harmonious and prosperous"). The son of Princess Zhuangjing of the Second Rank,Senggelinqin (僧格林沁), was ordered to wear mourning garment for his maternal grandmother's funeral.In 1835, she was interred at the Chang Mausoleum in the Western Qing Tombs.[3]


During Qianlong period
  • Lady Liugiya - from 9 January 1761
  • Mistress (格格) - from 1776
During Jiaqing period
  • Consort Xian (諴妃) - from 1796
  • Noble Consort Xian (諴貴妃) - from 1808
During Daoguang period
  • Imperial Noble Consort Xianxi (諴禧皇貴妃)-from 1820
  • Imperial Noble Consort Heyu (和裕皇貴妃)-from 1834


  • Prince Mu of the Second Rank; 4 February 1779 – 10 June 1780)
  • Princess Zhuangjing of the Second Rank; 30 January 1782 – 4 April 1811)
    • Married Sodnamdorji , pinyin: Suotenamudo'erji ; d. 1825) of the Borjigin Khorchin Borjigit clan on 24 December 1801


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