Ilnitsky Evgeny Yurievich

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Ilnitsky Evgeny Yurievich
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BornDecember 1, 1989
SSR, Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk
DiedSeptember 21, 2017 (age 28)
Cause of deathDiabetes
  • Rapper
  • Poet
  • Musician
Years active2005 - 2017
  • Rap
  • hip-hop
  • Battle-rap

Ilnitsky Evgeny Yurievich.( Russia Ильницкий Евгений Юрьевич , Kazakhstan Il'nitskiy Evgenïy Yurevïç ) born on December 1, 1989; SSR, Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk - September 21, 2017 .Rap artist, poet, musician[1].

The global YouTube channel, which has 5 million subscribers, posted a video about the death of young performers, where "Shot" ended up. The video now has 2.5 million views[2].

Also a member from Russia "27 Club"[3]

The most popular query on Google for 2017. Place - 6. "Shot"[4]


Eugene was[5] raised by his grandparents[6]; he has a brother and a mother; they were on friendly terms[7].


Whenever possible, in 2005,[8] he began to upload tracks to the network, where he gained normal popularity[9].


Recently, he began to frequent hospitals[10]. He was already in a coma[11], but unfortunately he could not cope with the next one[12]


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