Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri

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Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri
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Born (1954-04-05) April 5, 1954 (age 70)
  • Writer
  • Traveler
  • Researcher
  • Biographer

Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri (Birth: April 5, 1954) is a famous writer, travelogue writer, traveler, researcher and biographer of Urdu Language. He is an accountant and translator by profession, but reason for his fame is travelogue writing. He has pledged allegiance to the Qadriya lineage. He is proficient in Urdu, Arabic, Farsi and English languages. He has visited many countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Iraq. 70 books of him have been published so far, out of which Ziarat-e-Muqadassa, Khazana-e-Durood-o-Salam, Bargah-e-Pir Rumi Mein, Ziaraat-e-Madinah Munawarah, Ziaraat-e-Turkey, Guldasta-e-Durood-o-Salam, Safar Nama Ziaraat-e-Uzbekistan, Syedna Hamza bin Abdul Mutlib, Shaan-e-Khulfa-e-Rashideen Ba-Zuban-e- Syed-ul-Mursaleen (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him), Shaan-e-Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) Ba-Zuban-e-Rasool (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him), Safar Nama Ziaraat-e-Iran, Shehzadi-e-Kounain, Safar Nama Ziaraat-e-Sham, Syedna Abu Talib aur Shah-e-Habashah Hazrat Ashamat Al-Najashi, are worth mentioning. He had the privilege of performing Hajj in 1986 and visiting the Ka’aba twice in September 1996. He also had the privilege of meeting many intellectual and spiritual figures within and outside the country, including the honor of meeting with the former Grand Mufti of Iraq Sheikh Abdul Karim Madras (died in 2005) twice. He was the person who, in the year 1932, during the reign of King Faisal I of Iraq, got the honor to see two Companions of Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when their shrines were moved to Baghdad. [1]

Family background

Around 100 years ago, his ancestor Gul Muhammad (late), traveled from the land of Afghanistan and reached Peshawar. During his stay in Peshawar for some time, Mr. Gul Muhammad came to know that Pir Fazal Din Shah, known as Baray Pir Sahib, (uncle of Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah's father and mystagogue of Pir Mehr Ali Shah of Qadriya linage) had been giving spiritual training to the people with his spiritual grace in Golra Sharif at the foothills of Margalla near Rawalpindi. Mr. Gul Muhammad travelled from Peshawar to Golra Sharif in the service of Fazal Din Shah and settled there. Mr. Gul Muhammad died in 1923 (probably) at Golra Sharif and was buried there. Hafiz Faqeer Muhammad, father of Mr. Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri was born at Golra Sharif around 1910. He, memorized the Holy Quran and honored with the allegiance of Pir Mehr Ali Shah. He would speak Persian and Pashto with fluency. By the order of Pir Mehr Ali Shah, he got married to a woman from Thatthi, Fateh Jang who was a devotee of Golra Sharif Monastery. He was blessed by Allah with 7 sons and 2 daughters. In 1930’s decade, Hafiz Faqeer Muhammad moved to a place named Purana Qila in Rawalpindi. He then moved to Kucha Shaheen, Saddar in 1956-1957, and after living there for some time, he bought his own house at Prem Gali, Maulvi Mohallah and permanently settled there. Hafiz Faqeer Muhammad died on January 21, 1989 in Rawalpindi. [2]

Birth and Education

Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri was born on April 5, 1954 at Purana Qila, Rawalpindi. He passed his primary examination from C.B School (currently F.G School) Ahata Mithu Khan. In 1970, he passed his matriculation examination from Deynz High School, Rawalpindi in Science Group from Sargodha Board. He continued both the job and the education side by side. He also had the privilege of memorizing the Holy Quran under the supervision of his father. He passed the Arabic Language Course with distinction in 1977 through correspondence from Idarah Farough-e-Arbi, Mirpur Khas, an institution run under the sponsorship of Maulana Abdul Rahman Tahir Surti. In 1976-1977, he completed two-year diploma in Arabic from the Saudi Arabian Center, Rawalpindi. In 1984, he passed F.A examination from the Education Board of Rawalpindi with Arabic subject in Science and Literature Group. In 1998, he completed one-year advanced Persian Language Course from Khana-e-Farhang – Iran, Rawalpindi. [3]

Respected Teachers

Maulana Abdul Rahman Tahir Surti and Salah-ud-Din Al-Iraqi were the most prominent teachers of Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri in Arabic language. In addition to other teachers of Persian language, he learned this language from Dr. Muhammad Hussain Tasbihi Raha, a famous researcher, author of a number of books, Persian poet and historian, former librarian of Ganj Bakhsh Library Center of Persian Research of Iran and Pakistan.


  1. Khyber Motors Company, Rawalpindi - Pakistan (Accounts Department - Tenure 2 years)
  2. R.E.P. CO. Pakistan (Accounts Department - Tenure 3 years)
  3. Syrian Embassy, Islamabad - Pakistan (Arabic Typist - Tenure 2 years)
  4. Lebanon Embassy, Islamabad - Pakistan (Assistant Accountant / Accountant - Tenure 9 years)
  5. Qatar Embassy, Islamabad - Pakistan (Public Relations Officer - Tenure 6 months)
  6. Saudi Military Attaché, Islamabad - Pakistan (Assistant Accountant - Tenure 1 year)
  7. Teamwork Saudi Arabiya Ltd. - Saudi Arabia (Arabic English Typist - Tenure 7 years)
  8. Ministry of Defense and Aviation - Saudi Arabia (Accountant – Tenure 1 year)


Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri got married on October 12, 1978 to a lady belonged to a respectable family from Tahli Mohri, Rawalpindi. In 1991, Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri moved from Maulvi Mohallah, Sadar to his new house in Afshan Colony, Rawalpindi. Allah blessed him with 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Pledge of Allegiance

On October 23, 2000, he received the honor of pledging allegiance to Al-Sayyid Tayseer Muhammad Yousaf Al-Hassani Al-Samhaudi of Qadri linage in Madinah. He was one of the descedents of Hazrat Allama Noor-ud-Din Ali bin Ahmad Al-Hassani Al-Samhaudi (died in 911 AH and buried in Jannat-ul-Baqqi), author of Wafa Al-Wafa Ba-Akhbar Dar-ul-Mustafa.


  1. 1992 - Campaign Medal, Saudi Arabia
  2. 1992 Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Saudi Arabia

Opinions of Critics, Researchers and Scholars

Respected Mr. Hafiz did not keep away every pilgrimage of the saints from his loved ones, but he also included them in this caravan of passion through beautiful book. The colorful photographs and maps of the holy places become sources for readers to access these holy places in the world of imagination.
Respected Mr. Hafiz Sahib always continues to write and is a seasoned writer. He has a special aspect of simplicity in language and style as well as seriousness in authentic statements that gets into the mind of readers. All the writings that have appeared from the tip of his pen so far have been well acknowledged by people of love and the lovers of science and literature have benefited from them. This is the reason why he has been working day and night single-mindedly and is always engrossed in writing something. The great effort for introducing the saints of the world of Islam to the regilious followers living in the remote areas of Pakistan will always be at the top of respected Mr. Hafiz;s achievements. [6] (Pir Muhammad Tahir Hussain Qadri, Great Abode of Karam Qadriya Ghausia Shrine, Mangani, Jhang)
The author, being an expert and knowledgably tourist, takes us to those spiritual places from where the rays of guidance as well as Allah Almighty’s beauty and glory are illuminating the four worlds [7] (Hafiz Khubaib Ahmad, Deputy Director, National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad).
Respected Mr. Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri has gone on a lot of journeys filled with love and devotion and has written down the conditions of his heart in a very beautiful way. The present book is of more importance as with the guidance of Prince Ghaus-ul-Saqlain (may Allah keep his shadow forever), every word of this devotional journey expresses the love for Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the love for religion. I am fortunate to had the privilege of being with Mr. Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri on the occasion of the Rumi International Conference in Tehran. May Allah keep him safe and enable him write such beautiful books. Amen. [8] (Hafiz Professor Dr. Affan Saljoqi)
I feel no hesitance to say that Respected Iftakhar Ahmad Hafiz Qadri Shazli has accomplished a renewal feat in this field by introducing new style in the history of travelogues and in this regard, he is the introducer and founder of this new style. These emotions represent the real life, progress and success. [9] (Malik Mehboob Rasool Qadri).


Works, Compilations and Honor of Publication

1. Ziaraat-e-Muqadassa (Balad-e-Islamia mein Ziaraat-e-Muqaddasa par Iman Afroz Tazkiarah) – 1999
2. Ziaraat-e-Muaddassa ka Safar Nama (Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan) – 2000
3. Ziarat-e-Habib Salallah-o-Alaihe Wa Sallam – 2000
4. Irshadat-e-Murshid – 2001
5. Khazana-e-Durood-o-Salam – 2001
6. Diyar-e-Habib Salallah-o-Alaihe Wa Sallam – 2001
7. Guldasta-e-Qasaid-e-Mubarka – 2001
8. Qasaid-e-Ghousia – 2002
9. Sarzameen-e-Anbiya-o-Awliya – 2002
10. Balddull Awliya – 2002
11. Bargah-e-Ghaus-ul-Saqlain (Tasaweer Ke Ainey Mein) – 2002
12. Albaz-ul-Ashab (Sarkar-e-Ghaus-e-Azam)- 2002
13. Muqamat-e-Mubarkah Aal-o-As’hab-e-Rasool Salallah-o-Alaihe Wa Sallam – 2002
14. Ziaraat-e-Sham (Tasweeri Album) – 2003
15. Shehar-e-Rasool (Tasweeri Album) – 2003
16. Awliya-e-Dhok Qaziyan Shareef – 2003
17. Fazilat-e-Ahl-e-Bait-e-Nabwi Salallah-o-Alaihe Wa Sallam – 2005
18. Ziaraat-e- Misr – 2006
19. Bargah-e-Peer Rumi Mein – 2003
20. Safar Nama Ziaraat-e-Marakash – 2008
21. Ziaraat-e-Madinah Munawarah (Mutbarik-o-Tareekhi Muqamaat ka Tazkira) – 2008
22. Ziyaraat-e-Turkey – 2008
23. Ziaraat-e-Awliya-e-Kashmir (Tehrir-o-Tasawir ke Ainey Mein) - 2009
24. Guldasta-e-Durood-o-Salam az Afzal Al-Salawat-o-Saadat-ul-Dareen – 2019
25. Takmieel Al-Hasnaat Talkhees Afzal-ul-Salawat Ali Syed Al-Sadat – 2010
26. Anwar-ul-Haq Fi Al-Salaat Ala Syed-ul-Khalq Muhammad Salallah-o-Alaihe Wa Sallam – 2010
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28. Farmudat-e-Hazrat Syedna Daata Ganj Bakhsh – 2010
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37. Durood-o-Salam ka Nadir-o-Anmol Encyclopedia (Volume I aur Volume II) – 2013
38. Sidra Sharif ta Madinah Munawra – 2014
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47. Shah-e-Habsha (Sawaneh Hayat) – 2017
48. Safar Nama Ziaraat-e-Turkey – 2017
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53. Manaqib Waledain Mustafa Karim Salallah-o-Alaihe Wassalam – 2018
54. Hayat-e-Anwar - 2018
55. Shehzadi-e-Kounain Alaiha Assalam (Ahwal-e-Asaar aur Manaqib) – 2018
56. Momineen ki Maaein (Ahwal-e-Asaar Manaqib) - 2019
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65. Gulasta Durood-o-Salam – 2021
66. Dalail-ul-Khairat wa Shawariq-ul-Anwaar – 2022 (reordered)
67. Umm-ul-Nabi – 2020 (Honor of Publication)
68. Zakhira-e-Kutb Dar Kutb Khana Maulana Muhammad Ali Makhdi – 2021 (Honor of publication)
69. Fehrist-e-Zakhira-e-Kutb Iftikhair Ahmad Qadri Dar Kitab Khana Maulana Muhammad Ali Makhdi wa Jamia Sinan Bin Salma – 2021
70. Khaftagan Jannat-ul-Baqqi’ – 2021 (Honor of Publication)


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