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Iconic Mavericks NFT
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Iconic Mavericks NFT is a unique collection of 8,884 Mavericks living on the Ethereum blockchain.[1] The project allows its members to travel the world for private meetups virtually and physically with access to new-age art museums, NFT auction halls, and performance venues customized for the present generation. NFT collectors and enthusiasts minting tokens receive a physical print of their character. Holders with more than ten Iconic Mavericks have rights over an exclusive Criss Bellini physical print.[2]


The digitized artworks are intricately designed by Criss Bellini and his 3d art partner, Criss is a Swedish-based anonymous artist with his distinctive style evident in the free-standing sculptures tokenized in the collection. This collection and team was built by the founder Benjamin Dinkins, a global entrepreneur that has roots in tech, art, and alternative investments.[3]

They have some heavy hitters on their roster that will be mentioned on a future date. Some of the names will shock some but should be expected with the quality of work they have set for their holders.

Pricing will be released closer to the date.


Once minted, the members can simply connect their wallet to their Open Sea account to view their NFTs.

Roadmap of Iconic Mavericks

Mint date: March 25, 2022 *tentative

Details will be announced soon around the Iconic Maverick Museum, auction and concert hall. The launch of iconic women is also on the cards. The Utility of the Mavericks will be released periodically over time as they mention private partnerships.


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