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I Am Crypto Gang NFT
Crypto Gang NFT.JPG
Developer(s)Crypto Gang LLC
ReleaseFebruary 2022

I Am Crypto Gang NFT is a Solana based Algorithm-generated NFT that features Crypto Gang, where each gang display is made up of the ten top cryptocurrencies. It has a unique collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens which projects the entire Crypto World. I Am Crypto Gang NFT is about creating a global empire that will also feature Crypto Gang Apparel and Jewelry Line as well as being the social brand for cryptocurrency.[1]

I Am Crypto Gang also features an NFT community Crypto Gang that offers education to people in an inclusive way and helps them become financially free, with the sale beginning in February 2022. The project is headed by Juan Garcia as its CEO and Renars Levics as its Chief Artist.[2]


I Am Crypto Gang NFT will be minting in February 2022 on the Solana blockchain with the aim to display crypto gangs to NFT enthusiasts. The idea behind the inception of its NFT project was to project the top 10 cryptocurrencies as ‘crypto gangs’. I Am Crypto Gang will be the Global brand and community presenting in different countries worldwide and act as the social brand of cryptocurrency.

Initially, Surf Punks released gangs including Dr. Contractz - Ethereum Gang, Big C - Cardano Gang, King Memes & Mars- Doge Gang, Snowman - Avalanche Gang, Sol Yako - Solana Gang, OG POLKA - Polkadot Gang, BG Money - Ripple Gang, Mr. Chang - Binance Gang and Master Satoshi - Bitcoin Gang.

I Am Crypto Gang NFT will also feature an NFT community that will help others with education and become financially free. Families residing in Labadee, Haiti, will benefit from the collection since they will be the first receivers of five duplex buildings. There will be four bedrooms in each of these buildings, two of which will be allotted to one family. They will be hurricane-resistant. As the majority of people are aware, Haiti is often struck by earthquakes, storms, and even political upheaval. Rather than forcing people to flee Haiti, Crypto Gang hopes to enable them to establish a better life for themselves there. They will be supported by the NFT community with a three-month supply of food and money after the initiative has been put in place.

The initiative will also take on the challenge of building a worldwide empire. Following the completion of the community's establishment, the company will continue to launch its Crypto Gang Apparel and Jewelry Line. The products that will be made accessible to members will be specially created to foster loyalty and a feeling of belonging to a club that encourages ambition, love, and progress in all aspects of one's life.

Other initiatives to which future holders may look forward include the comic book series I Am Crypto Gang, which will be released at the launch.


Phase 1-Pre Launch: The Soft Marketing Campaign officially begins on 1 November 2021 and thousands of dollars in prizes and airdrops throughout the month of November. They are launching their first animated series. On the 10th of December, take a listen to the Drop of Crypto Gang NFT Theme Song & Music Video.

Launch: Official minting will begin on 10th February 2022. This phase will feature Crypto Gang Clothing & Jewelry Line and release of the first Comic Book to their CG Holders

Crypto Gang: CG NFT Hodlers will receive a new round of rewards from the Crypto Gang. Q1 2022– The Crypto Gang Charity will commence its Haiti Project, which will be followed by the continued distribution of batch awards to Hodlers. The Crypto Gang Animated Series will continue to be released.

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