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A hotel manager, also known as a hotelier or a lodging manager, is a professional who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of a hotel, motel, resort, or other kind of lodging institution. Hospitality management includes, but is not limited to, the supervision of hotel employees, the administration of a hotel business, the upkeep and sanitation of hotel facilities, the satisfaction of guests and the provision of excellent customer service. Other aspects of management include marketing management, sales management and revenue management, as well as financial accounting, purchasing, and other functions. The phrase "hotel manager" or "hotelier" is often used to refer to the General Manager of a hotel, who acts as the hotel's chief executive officer, albeit their tasks and responsibilities vary based on the size, purpose, and expectations of the hotel's owners of the establishment. The General Manager of a hotel is often backed up by subordinate department managers who are in charge of certain departments and important aspects of the hotel business.

The qualifications and training necessary vary depending on the kind of management role, the size of the company, and the responsibilities involved. For practically every managerial position in the hospitality business, prior industry experience has proved to be a necessary prerequisite. A bachelor's and master's degree in hospitality management/or an equivalent business degree is frequently greatly recommended by most companies in the field, although it is not always necessary.

For a General Manager-type role, a higher-level graduate degree may be sought, although it is not always needed if the candidate has appropriate management experience and long-term industry employment. While a graduate degree is not necessary for entry-level corporate executive positions, it may be required for positions at the regional vice president level or above, such as those overseeing many hotel locations and General Managers.