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Horror Fellas NFT
Horror Fellas.JPG
Developer(s)Horror Fellas
Platform(s)Solana (Ethereum)

Horror Fellas NFT is a Solana-based non-fungible artwork token integrated with augmented reality. It depicts scary and frightening quality images of drawing by professional artists.[1] This collection has 10,000 unique art fellas and is a part of a big augmented reality mobile app. The developers of Horror Fellas NFT are working on creating a mobile application that allows users to make video or click photos with their own NFT using augmented reality.[2]

The artwork is cryptographically signed and ownership can be verified through smart contracts. Horror Fellas NFTs are programmatically created, one-of-a-kind, scary, and collectable NFTs.[3]


Horror Fellas NFT creators aim to develop a platform where any social media user may capture a picture or video with their NFT in augmented reality. It is based on tales, horror films, and thrillers from the latter half of the twentieth century as inspiration.[4]

Horror Fellas are limited to only 10,000 tokens that are absolutely unique to themselves. It is created for lovers of horror themes and have become bored of seeing the same old collections on the market that are frivolous and happy. While creating the characters, each element is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure that all conceivable combinations when integrated look fit together. The creators have spent a significant amount of time drawing each of the hundreds of characters since they believe that quality is the most crucial factor.[5]


Horror Fellas NFT is one of a kind and algorithmically produced before being minted on the Solana blockchain. Each image is created using artificial intelligence compilation algorithms. Horror Fellas NFT is available on Phantom Wallet and Sollet.io.[6]

Art fellas with proof of ownership are stored on the Solana blockchain.

Roadmap of Horror Fellas NFT

Phase 1: The project will be launched, and a community will be created on social media. The process will start to add participants to the whitelist, where most active members will be able to mint a limited number of NFTs at an early advantage of discounted price. Minting of 10,000 one-of-a-kind Horror Fellas NFTs will also take place. The profits from royalties will be distributed, 30% to marketing and further development, 50% to active members, and the remaining to the charity.[7]

Phase 2: Adding more characters and enabling the fusion of two distinct NFTs in order to get a new, very unique NFT for phase 3. This phase will also oversee the collaboration and partnership with other Solana initiatives.

Phase 3: Developing augmented reality technologies for NFT fellas, which will bring NFTs to life through mobile phones. The Solana-based ecosystem will be created for bloggers and other internet users who are engaged in it. New augmented reality collections will also be launched in this phase.


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