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Homie Gs NFT
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Developer(s)Evijan Watson

Homie Gs NFT is an Ethereum based unique NFT project that aims to promote diversity and inclusion within the NFT space and blockchain community.[1] The Homie G collection takes a community-first approach, with a variety of programs aimed at empowering and enriching its collectors and investors.[2]

The initial collection depicts 10,000 unique tokens with over 200+ different traits and characteristics. All of the Homie Gs are hand-crafted 3D characters that have been rigged and ready for use in the metaverse that can be minted for 0.05 ETH. The designs are heavily influenced by music, fashion, and NFT culture.[3]


Homie Gs was created by Evijan Watson, a renowned creative director and editor in the LA music industry with the aim to expand the music scene in the virtual world.[4] One 3D artist, four metaverse designers, one coder, one web developer, and one back-end security developer help design the Homie G project.[5]

This project aims to target 18-30-year-old tech Savvy and NFT enthusiasts with a keen interest in the metaverse, music, design, gaming, fashion, streetwear, street culture, and digital art. The hand-crafted designs that inspired the 10k Drop have a backstory. Each character is a personable avatar with whom anyone can identify; there is a Homie for everyone.[6]


Homie Gs roadmap consists of five stages:

Upon reaching the first milestone at 25% Homie Gs community will distribute 5 ETH to five lucky NFT holders.

Upon reaching 50% Homie Gs NFT holders will be able to purchase metaverse land. The community will also buy Sandbox virtual real estate to host concerts and networking events for entrepreneurs.

Upon reaching 75% Homie Gs Drip Store will be launched, allowing holders to get their hands on cool NFT wearables. This store will also provide access to additional merch, event tickets, and other metaverse assets.

Upon reaching 90%, NFT holders will be able to make 3D Voxel avatars of their Homie Gs that will be made available in the Drip Store.

The Home Gs community will develop a public and transparent wallet funded by royalties once they have completed 100% of the roadmap. This wallet will use a decentralized voting system to help users decide on things like metaverse events, artist selection, land purchases, and royalty distribution, among other things. The first round of voting will choose which LA Inner City Stem Program will receive a $50,000 gift to boost young technology education.[7]



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