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Hassan Bello Dantata
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Born23 March 1998
Kano, Nigeria
Other namesHassan Dantata
EducationLoreto College
OccupationEntrepreneur, speaker
Years active2016 - present
Known forFounding Raven Macaw
Notable work
‘Don’t Hate, Educate’, ‘Curriculum 4 Life’, ‘Votes at 16' & ‘'Make your Mark ballot’
RelativesSanusi Dantata (grandfather)
Awards‘Best Overall Delegation’ at the National JCC Model United Nation
Manchester Youth Councils Annual Buzz Awards Host 2017

Hassan Bello Dantata (born 23 March 1998) is a Nigerian entrepreneur and speaker; he is the grandson of Sanusi Dantata. He is the founder and CEO of the branding and marketing social media agency Raven Macaw Limited. He graduated from Loreto College in Manchester (UK) specializing in Studying Business Management, Media and Politics. In 2016-18 he was elected to the Manchester Youth Council[1] and elected the Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament representing over 40,000 young people in Manchester. In 2017-18 he was elected to be a member of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority|Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority. During his 2-year tenure, Hassan B. Dantata was involved in several policy changing and pioneering National campaigns, such as: ‘Don’t Hate, Educate’, ‘Curriculum 4 Life’, ‘Votes at 16' & ‘'Make your Mark ballot’.

In 2018, Hassan Dantata led the Partispace European Research initiative project campaigning on increased homelessness in Manchester. He has worked with Manchester Metropolitan University on a joint Youth Fashion & Identity campaign – Portrait Youth.[2] This was exhibited all across Manchester and was toured all across the UK. It was recognised by the British Fashion Council, British GQ, British Vogue, 10 Magazine (British magazine) and other public figures like David Beckham|David Bekham for the creativity and the personal identity art piece.

Personal Life

Hassan Dantata was born in the Ancient city of Kano, Nigeria. He is the Grandson of the Nigerian Entrepreneur Sanusi Dantata and a great-grandson to Alhassan Dantata. He was born with Sickle cell disease. In 2012, he had a successful, life-changing Bone marrow transplant in Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. In 2019, Hassan Dantata went back to Nigeria to set up the first Digital Outsourcing Agency in Nigeria, Raven Macaw Limited.

Media appearances

Dantata has appeared on news channels such as BBC North West, BBC News, to talk about major campaigns such as TeamFuture (Reclaim).


  • Awarded the entrepreneur grant by the Peter Jones Business Academy and Oldham City Council.
  • He won the prestigious Social Responsibility award at Loreto College.[3] In 2016, was awarded with the ‘Most Promising Entrepreneur’ and ‘Best Business Mind’.
  • He has won the ‘Best Overall Delegation’ at the National JCC Model United Nation Competition.
  • He has been a keynote speaker on several high profile events such as University of Manchester (UoM) Black history month event, Manchester City Council Annual Conference.
  • He has worked directly with policymakers such as the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and Member of Parliaments like Afzal Khan and Lucy Powell to represent and discuss ongoing campaigns for the young people of Manchester.
  • Manchester Youth Councils Annual Buzz Awards Host 2017.


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