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Haruo Ochi
Born (1984-02-07) February 7, 1984 (age 40)
Saijō, Ehime, Japan
Native name越智晴雄
Height5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight115 lb (52 kg; 8 st 3 lb)
  • Flyweight (2008 - 2015)
  • Strawweight (2015 - present)
StyleBoxing, Karate
Fighting out ofSaijō, Ehime, Japan
TeamParaestra Ehime
Years active2008-present
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout7
By submission5
By decision7
By submission1
By decision8
No contests1
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Haruo Ochi (born 7 February 1984) is a Japanese mixed martial artist, who has been professionally competing since 2008. He is the former DEEP Strawweight Champion[1]. According to Fight Matrix he is the #2 strawweight in the world as of August 2020,[2] and is considered to be one of the best current strawweights.[3][4]

Mixed Martial Arts Career


Ochi began his professional career as a flyweight in Shooto. His first fight came in early 2008, during Shooto: Shooting Disco 4: Born in the Fighting, when he fought the 0-1-2 Masumi Tozawa. Ochi would begin the fight with a left hook knockdown of his opponent, helped by Tozawa being off-balanced. Tozawa would, however, prove to be a better striker in the match-up, landing several well placed kicks and knees. Late in the second minute of the fight, Ochi shot for a takedown, lifted his opponent, and slammed Tozawa, earning a slam knockout victory in his debut, after just three minutes.[5][6]

Ochi fought again during Shooto: Shooto Tradition 2, with his opponent being the streaking Yuta Nezu.[7][8] Ochi would implement a pressuring game, and landed a left hook in the third round which staggered Nezu. After following up with a second punch, Nezu's corner threw in the towel.[9] This fight would be followed by Ochi's first professional loss, a unanimous decision against Kosuke Eda.[10]

Looking to bounce back from a loss, Ochi participated in the 2009 Shooto Flyweight Tournament. In the first round he would face the DEEP veteran Seiji Akao, who was likewise coming off from a loss.[11] Ochi would once again pressure his opponent and win by a first round TKO. A month later Ochi fought Tsuyoshi Okada, winning the fight by an armbar. In the tournament finals, Ochi fought the undefeated Keita Yoshida. After an evenly matched fight, the bout was ruled a majority draw. The judges saw Yoshida as having done more and declared him the tournament winner.[12]

Ochi fought twice in 2010. In his first fight of the year he faced Kono Keita.[13] He suffered his second professional loss, again losing by a unanimous decision. Subsequently, he fought Hiroaki Ijima during Shooto: The Way of Shooto 6: Like a Tiger, Like a Dragon. Ochi won a clear decision, with all three judges awarding him the win.[14]

Ochi fought five more times under the Shooto banner, losing once and winning four times. The most notable fight during this 4-1 run was against Kiyotaka Shimizu. Shimizu was at the time the reigning Pancrase Super Flyweight champion, while Ochi came into the fight riding a four fight winning streak and being the #6 ranked flyweight in Shooto.[15] Ochi won the fight by a majority decision, with two judges scoring the fight in his favor, as Ochi successfully defended Shimizu's takedowns and dominated the striking exchanges.[16]


Haruo Ochi's first with DEEP was in the co-main slot of the Tokyo Impact event, when he faced Chikara Shimabukuro. The fight was considered a number one contender's boat, with the winner expected to fight Tatsumitsu Wada, who was at the time the DEEP flyweight champion.[17] Ochi secured an a first round finish, winning by a guillotine choke.[18]

In his next fight Ochi challenged Tatsumitu Wada for the DEEP Flyweight title during DEEP 64.[19] Wada managed to win a comfortable decision, with all three judges awarding him the victory.[20]

Ochi fought Masakazu Imanari during DEEP 67. During the first round of their matchup Imanari attempted several takedowns, with Ochi managing to defend them and dominate the striking exchanges. Late into the first round, Ochi dropped Imanari with a strike, followed up with ground and pound, and Imanari unsuccessfully attempted a triangle from the bottom. In the second round, Imanari rolled for a heel hook, but Ochi kicked out of it. The referee called for a stop in the action, and the ringside doctor ended the fight, as he suspected that Imanari suffered an orbital fracture.[21][22]

During DEEP's New Year's Eve event, Dream Impact 2014: Omisoka Special, Ochi fought the former DEEP Bantamweight and Pancrase Featherweight champion Yoshiro Maeda.[23] The majority of the fight was spent in grappling exchanges, with both fighters attempting takedowns, submissions and clinch fighting.[24] Maeda won a majority decision.[25]

Ochi then fought Kota Ishibashi.[26] Ochi relied entirely on out-wrestling Ishibashi, who managed to land several good strikes in between conceding takedowns. The judges ruled the fight a unanimous draw, as Ochi failed to land effective damage on Kota.[27]

In his last career fight at flyweight, Ochi fought Sota Kojima. Ochi won the first round through a mixture of body strikes and jab counters. The second round was won by Kojima, who kept distance from Ochi with straight punches and mixing in takedowns, while the third round featured mostly grappling exchanges with Kojima ending the round in back mount. Kojima won a split decision, with two of the three judges scoring 29-28 in his favor.[28]

Move to strawweight

Following this 0-2-1 run, Ochi would move down to strawweight. His first fight at the weight was against the 0-3 Joo Ho Son, which Ochi won through a second round TKO.[29] In his next fight he dropped a split decision to Kanta Sato.

Ochi bounced back from this loss with a three fight winning streak over Altantsetseg Uuganbayar, Yutaro Muramoto and Kosuke Suzuki which led him to a chance to fight for the DEEP Strawweight title in a rematch with Kanta Sato.[30] Ochi won the fight by a second round guillotine choke.[31]

Ochi's first title defense was against the former DEEP flyweight title challenger Yuya Shibata.[32] Ochi implemented a pressuring game, using his strikes to set up takedowns, winning a unanimous decision and all three rounds of the bout.[33]

Rizin Fighting Federation

In 2018 Haruo Ochi signed a non-exclusive contract with Rizin Fighting Federation. His first fight with the organization was a super fight between Ochi, the DEEP strawweight champion, and Mitsuhisa Sunabe, the Pancrase Flyweight Champion. The bout was contested at strawweight.[34] The first two rounds were largely grappling exchanges, with Ochi controlling Sunabe on the ground. In the third round, Ochi managed to knock his opponent down with hooks to the head and body, and followed up with a soccer kick, winning the fight by a third round TKO.[35][36]

Moving back to DEEP, Ochi defended his title against Namiki Kawahara.[37] Ochi won the fight by a unanimous decision.[38]

Ochi would return to Rizin to fight at Rizin 18, facing the former UFC fighter Jarred Brooks. The fight was stopped after only 10 seconds, due to an accidental clash of heads.[39] The pair was rescheduled to fight during Rizin and Bellator MMA cross promotional event, Bellator 237. Brooks implemented his wrestling game, and won a unanimous decision.[40]

Title loss

Ochi was scheduled to make his third title defense, in a rematch against Namiki Kawahara, during DEEP 96.[41] During the first round of the title defense, Ochi was able to take Kawahara down and briefly control him on the ground, before Kawahara scrambled back to his feet. During the striking exchange that followed, Namiki landed a knee to Ochi's midsection which forced Haruo to fight defensively for the remainder of the round. In the second round Ochi once again shot for a double leg takedown, to which Kawahara responded by moving back to the fence. In the ensuing scramble Kawahara managed to take Ochi's back, and after a failed attempt to slam out of the back control, Kawahara managed to finish Ochi with a rear naked choke.[42][43]

Championship and accomplishments

  • DEEP
    • DEEP Strawweight World Championship (One time, former)
      • Two successful title defenses
  • Fight Matrix
    • Strawweight Lineal Championship (One time, former)[44]

Mixed martial arts record

Professional record breakdown
31 matches 19 wins 9 losses
By knockout 7 0
By submission 5 1
By decision 7 8
Draws 2
No contests 1
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 19-9-2 Namiki Kawahara Submission (Rear naked choke) DEEP 96 23 August 2020 2 4:43 Tokyo, Japan Loses the DEEP Strawweight title.
Loss 19-8-2 Jarred Brooks Decision (Unanimous) Bellator 237 28 December 2019 3 5:00 Saitama, Japan
NC 19-7-2 Jarred Brooks No Contest (Accidental headbutt) Rizin 18 18 August 2019 1 0:10 Nagoya, Japan
Win 19-7-2 Namiki Kawahara Decision (Unanimous) Deep - 88 Impact 9 March 2019 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan Defends the DEEP Strawweight title.
Win 18-7-2 Mitsuhisa Sunabe KO (Punch and Soccer Kicks) Rizin 13 30 Sep 2018 3 2:53 Saitama, Japan
Win 17-7-2 Yuya Shibata Decision (Unanimous) Deep - Cage Impact 2018 in Osaka 8 April 2018 3 5:00 Osaka, Japan Defends the DEEP Strawweight title.
Win 16-7-2 Kanta Sato Submission (Guillotine Choke) Deep - 79 Impact 16 September 2017 2 N/A Tokyo, Japan Wins the DEEP Strawweight title.
Win 15-7-2 Kosuke Suzuki Decision (Unanimous) Deep - Cage Impact 2017 13 May 2017 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 14-7-2 Yutaro Muramoto Submission (Guillotine Choke) Deep - Cage Impact 2016: Deep vs. WSOF-GC 17 December 2016 2 3:46 Tokyo, Japan
Win 13-7-2 Altantsetseg Uuganbayar Decision (Unanimous) MGL-1 Fighting Championship - MGL-1 vs. Deep 24 September 2016 3 5:00 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Loss 12-7-2 Kanta Sato Decision (Split) Deep - 76 Impact 26 June 2016 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 12-6-2 Joo Ho Son TKO (Punches) Deep - 74 Impact 20 December 2015 2 2:37 Tokyo, Japan Strawweight debut.
Loss 11-6-2 Sota Kojima Decision (Split) Deep - Cage Impact 2015 20 July 2015 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw 11-5-2 Kota Ishibashi Draw (Unanimous) Deep - 71 Impact 28 February 2015 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
loss 11-5-1 Yoshiro Maeda Decision (Majority) Deep - Dream Impact 2014: Omisoka Special 31 December 2014 3 5:00 Saitama, Japan
Win 11-4-1 Masakazu Imanari TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Deep - 67 Impact 22 June 2014 2 0:51 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 10-4-1 Tatsumitsu Wada Decision (Unanimous) Deep - 64 Impact 22 December 2013 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan For the DEEP Flyweight title.
Win 10-3-1 Chikara Shimabukuro Submission (Guillotine Choke) Deep - Tokyo Impact: Wave 6 14 October 2013 1 4:40 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 9-3-1 Ryuichi Miki Decision (Unanimous) Shooto - 12th Round 11 November 2012 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 9-2-1 Kiyotaka Shimizu Decision (Majority) Shooto - 3rd Round 10 March 2012 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 8-2-1 Masaaki Sugawara TKO (Punches) Shooto - Survivor Tournament Final 8 January 2012 1 1:02 Tokyo, Japan
Win 7-2-1 Ryuichi Miki Decision (Split) Shooto: Shootor's Legacy 4 23 September 2011 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 6-2-1 Kosuke Suzuki KO (Punch) Shooto: Gig Tokyo 6 28 May 2011 2 2:10 Tokyo, Japan
Win 5-2-1 Hiroaki Ijima Decision (Unanimous) Shooto: The Way of Shooto 6: Like a Tiger, Like a Dragon 19 November 2010 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 4-2-1 Keita Kono Decision (Unanimous) Shooto: Shooting Disco 11: Tora Tora Tora! 27 February 2010 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw 4-1-1 Keita Yoshida Draw (Majority) Shooto: The Rookie Tournament 2009 Final 13 December 2009 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan Shooto Flyweight Tournament Finals.
Win 4-1 Tsuyoshi Okada Technical Submission (Armbar) Shooto: Grapplingman 8 17 May 2009 1 2:16 Tokyo, Japan Shooto Flyweight Tournament Semi Finals.
Win 3-1 Seiji Akao TKO (Corner Stoppage) Shooto: Gig Tokyo 2 19 April 2009 1 2:18 Tokyo, Japan Shooto Flyweight Tournament First Round.
Loss 2-1 Kosuke Eda Decision (Unanimous) SShooto: Shooting Disco 6: Glory Shines In You 5 October 2008 2 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 2-0 Yuta Nezu Submission (Bulldog Choke) Shooto: Shooto Tradition 2 18 July 2008 1 3:42 Tokyo, Japan
Win 1-0 Masumi Tozawa KO (Slam) Shooto: Shooting Disco 4: Born in the Fighting 23 February 2008 1 3:11 Tokyo, Japan Flyweight debut.


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