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Harris Eyre
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  • Neuroscientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Author

Harris Eyre is an Australian neuroscientist, entrepreneur and author.[1][2][3] He is an ex Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Listmaker[4] and UCLA Fulbright Scholar.[5]

In his work he incorporates insights from precision medicine,[6] clinical care,[7] entrepreneurship,[8] convergence science,[9] consumer participation,[10] workforce development[11] and diplomacy.[12]


Dr Eyre grew up in Mackay, Queensland, Australia[13] and completed his undergraduate medical degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) with Honours) at James Cook University in North Queensland, Australia.[14] His medical education specialized in rural, remote, Indigenous and Tropical health.[15] He then completed his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Adelaide.[16] During his PhD, he was awarded the W.G. Walker Fulbright Scholarship to study at UCLA.[17] The WG Walker Fulbright Scholarship is awarded to the top Australian Fulbright Scholar annually.[18]



Harris has held a number of industry positions during his career.

He is currently President and Chief Medical Officer of PRODEO, a group of brain health-focused executives.[19] He is also Co-Founder of The PRODEO Institute, a think-tank focused on radically approaches to advancing brain health.[20]

Eyre was the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of CNSdose, a company focused on personalized medication guidance.[21][22] CNSdose is noted for incorporating blood-brain-barrier genetics into their tool and publishing a Randomized Controlled Trial.[23][24] In 2016, the US Department of Veterans Affairs Health Administration noted CNSdose technology as "the most promising in an early field."[25] CNSdose is a Texas Medical Center Venture Fund Portfolio Company.[26]. CNSdose completed the Melbourne Accelerator Program in 2016 [27].


Eyre published 80 + articles and chapters[28]. In his research career, he has co-authored numerous works including the ‘Responsible Innovation in Mental Health ’ model, ‘Mental Health Innovation Diplomacy’ model, the 'Brain Health Innovation Diplomacy' model, the 'Mars Mental Health' model,[29] the 'Phase-specific Neuroimmune Model of Depression', a meta-analysis of chemokines in depression,[30] a meta-analysis of pharmacogenetic-based decision support tools for depression,[31] a randomized controlled trial of yoga to prevent dementia[32] and the model of 'Convergence Psychiatry'.[9]

He maintains an advisory role with Stanford’s Brainstorm Lab for Mental Health Innovation.[33] and an honorary position with The University of Melbourne's Department of Psychiatry.[1]

Public and media appearances

His academic work has been noted in the New York Times[34] and the Australian Financial Review.[35]


Eyre has been awarded various awards throughout his career including:

  • 2020 Innovation Award for the Australian American Chamber of Commerce[36]
  • 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia Listing[4]
  • 2015 W.G. Walker Fulbright Scholar[5]
  • 2017 Victorian State Finalist for Young Australian of the Year[37]
  • 2017 Outstanding Early Career Alumni Award for the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University[14]
  • 2013 Junior Medical Officer of the Year, Australian Medical Association of Queensland [38]


Selected research articles

  • H Eyre, BT Baune (2012) Neuroplastic changes in depression: a role for the immune system. Psychoneuroendocrinology 37 (9), 1397–1416[39]
  • P Siddarth, AC Burggren, HA Eyre, GW Small, DA Merrill (2018) Sedentary behavior associated with reduced medial temporal lobe thickness in middle-aged and older adults. PloS one 13 (4), e0195549[40]
  • H Eyre, A Singh, C Reynolds (2016) Tech giants enter mental health. World Psychiatry 15 (1), 21-22[8]
  • HA Eyre, W Ellsworth, E Fu, HK Manji, M Berk (2020) Responsible innovation in technology for mental health care. The Lancet Psychiatry 7 (9), 728-730 [41]
  • D Chang, E Storch, L Black, M Berk, N Pellis, H Lavretsky, J Sutton, K Ternes, M Shepanek, E Smith, R Abbott, H. Eyre (2020) Promoting Tech Transfer Between Space and Global Mental Health. Aerosp Med Hum Perform 91 (9), 737-745 [42]


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