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Habib Dargham
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Born1995 (age 27–28)
  • Lebanese Filmmaker
  • Photojournalist
  • Fashion Photographer

Habib Emile Dargham (born 1995) is a Lebanese filmmaker, photojournalist, and fashion photographer known for his photography book Le Cri d'un Silence[1], documenting the Lebanese protests in 2019. He has received several awards for his work, including the Grand Prix Paris Match Du Photoreportage Etudiant in 2021[2] and being named one of the top 100 photographers in France from 35 award[3]

Early life and education

Habib Dargham studied filmmaking at USEK in 2014 and began his career in 2015, launching his own production house specializing in photography and videography across various industries. In 2021, he earned a master's degree in fashion photography from SPEOS[4] in Paris. Since then, Habib has shifted his focus to the fashion industry and has gained recognition for his work, having been published in numerous reputable magazines such as Paris Match[5], Marie Claire[6], and Photo Vogue[7].


In 2020, Habib Dargham published his first photography book, "Le Cri d'Un Silence." He has also directed numerous music videos for artists such as Joe Ashkar and Hani El Omari, which have been widely viewed across the Middle East. In the summer of 2022, he founded his own company in Paris and began teaching video editing at several fashion and business schools such as Creapole. Habib has collaborated with renowned fashion designers and participated in fashion week events, including assisting in photoshoots for major brands like Make Up For Ever and Valentino[8]. His diverse range of experiences has allowed him to hone his skills in both photography and filmmaking, making him a versatile and sought-after creative in the industry.

Personal life

Habib Dargham, an only child, experienced profound loneliness after his father's passing in 2017 and felt a strong need to be with his mother during the tumultuous period in Lebanon. In 2019, amidst the country's widespread protests, Habib began his personal project documenting the fight against corruption. However, the tragic explosion at Beirut's port in August 2020 forever altered his life, prompting him to leave his country and seek further education in photography and filmmaking in France. Today, Habib is building a crew of like-minded individuals to help him achieve his goals and continue working on personal projects that explore cultures and the meanings of the world. He is passionate about capturing stories through his lens and hopes to make a difference through his work.

Awards and recognition

Habib Dargham's photographs stood out among 50,000 other submissions for their unique storytelling and raw emotional impact, winning him the Grand Prix Paris Match Photoreportage Etudiant 2021[9]. One particular photo titled "Le Cri d'un Silence," captured during the 2019 popular uprising, depicts protesters in Beirut trying to break down a metal wall that separates them from the abandoned and neglected Grand Theatre, a symbol of government neglect.


Habib Dargham has exhibited his works in various venues, showcasing his project "Le Cri d'Un Silence" which captures the essence of the Lebanese people's revolt.

  • The Lebanese Embassy: Habib Dargham's first exhibition was held at the Lebanese Embassy in Paris, where he displayed his project Le Cri d'Un Silence. The exhibition was well-received by the audience and marked the beginning of Habib's journey as a photographer. The exhibition was a great success and helped to raise awareness about the situation in Lebanon.[10]
  • L'Atrium de Chaville: In 2022, Habib Dargham exhibited his works at L'Atrium de Chaville, a cultural center located in the southwestern suburbs of Paris. The exhibition showcased a series of photographs taken during the Lebanese protests in 2019, capturing the spirit of the revolution and the resilience of the Lebanese people. The exhibition received a positive response from visitors, who were moved by the emotional depth of the photographs.[11]
  • Speos: Dargham also exhibited his works at Speos, a photography school where he studied in Paris that offers professional training and workshops.


  • Rencontres d'Arles: Habib Dargham's works were featured at the Rencontres d'Arles, one of the largest photography festivals in the world attracting photographers and art enthusiasts from all over the globe.[13]

Through his exhibitions, Habib Dargham has been able to reach a wider audience and share his vision of the Lebanese people's struggle for freedom and justice. His work has been praised for its emotional impact and its ability to capture the essence of the human experience.



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