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Graydon Hoare
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OccupationSoftware engineer
Known forRust (programming language)

Graydon Hoare is a Canadian software engineer and the creator of the Rust programming language as well as a contributor to the Swift programming language. He considers himself a "language engineer by trade", and his work has focused on compilers, profilers, debugging tools, and distributed systems. He has worked at Red Hat, Mozilla, Apple, and Stellar.[2]


Hoare started working on Rust in 2006 as a personal side project while he was an engineer at Mozilla.[3] When he showed his manager at Mozilla what would eventually become Rust, Mozilla saw Rust's value allowed Hoare to lead a team under Mozilla Research, with the aim of incorporating the language as a component of a longer-term project to rebuild its browser stack around "safer, more concurrent, easier technologies" compared to C++.[4] Mozilla began using it for the experimental Servo browser project, which is written in Rust. Hoare and the Rust team at Mozilla first announced Rust to the world in 2010. In a 2012, Hoare described Rust as being targeted for "frustrated C++ developers".[3]

In 2013, however, Hoare stepped down from his leadership role on the Rust team due to burnout. He worked on lower-profile projects such as test-farm automation for Firefox-on-Android and Mozilla Location Service.[5]

In 2014, he joined Stellar, a payment network building a distributed transaction processor.[6]

In early 2016, he moved to Apple to work on the Swift programming language.[7] As of 2019, he was no longer working on Swift.[4]

Personal life

Hoare grew up in Toronto, Canada.[1]


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