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Gordana Ćirjanić
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Born1957 (age 66–67)
Belgrade, Serbia
  • Writer
  • Poet
  • Essayist
Known forKnown for her translations from Spanish and English of the works of Luis Cernuda, Juan Octavio Prens, Juan Rulfo and Oscar Wilde
  • Women's Pen Award (2007, 2010)
  • NIN Award (2010)

Gordana Ćirjanić (born in 1957) is a Serbian writer, poet and essayist.[1]At the end of 2000, she was elected board member of Serbian Pen.[2]


Gordana Ćirjanić was born in Belgrade. Gordana is said to write with the soul and mind of a psychologist.[3]

She is known for her translations from Spanish and English of the works of Luis Cernuda, Juan Octavio Prens, Juan Rulfo and Oscar Wilde.

She wrote her first book of short stories in 1996 entitled "Velasquez Street to the end". This book can be read twice, one from the end and the other from the beginning. It was created in two languages, Serbian and Spanish, and there is an atmosphere of two incompatible countries. If we start from the beginning, ie. from number 1 on Velasquez Street we meet introductory stories completely different from those at the end of the collection. Gordana applies this duality by being lost halfway between Spain and Serbia.[4]

For the novel The Penultimate Journey, she received the Women's Pen Award in 2000 and for the novel "Kiss", she won the Women's Pen Award for 2007.

For the novel What You Always Want, she won the NIN Award for 2010. [5][6]


Poem collections

  • Mesečeva trava (Moon Grass, 1980)[7]
  • Our Lady of the Seven Sins (1983)
  • Pred vratima vodenijem (1988)
  • Bitter Water (1994)

Record books

  • Letters from Spain (1995)
  • New Letters from Spain (2002)


  • The Penultimate Journey (2000)
  • House in Puerto (2003)
  • Kiss (2007)
  • What you always want (2010)
  • Network (2013)
  • Seven Lives of Princess Immortelle (2015)

Short story collections

  • Eternity is, they say, long (2005)
  • Velasquez Street to the End (1996)
  • Whims and longer stories (2009)
  • Kad svane, razlaz (2012)[8]


She is the winner of two Bazaar awards "Women's Pen" in 2000 and 2007. She received the Nin Award in 2010 for the novel "What You Always Want". [9]

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