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Industryeducational technology company
FounderScott Lee
Website[// ] 

Gooroo is a tutoring and educational technology company.[1]. The company matches students with tutors through AI[2][3] and provides prerecorded educational content[4].


Gooroo was founded by Scott Lee[5] in 2015[6]. While the legal name of the company is BOK Solutions, Inc. the Trade_name | d/b/a is Gooroo[7][8]. Similar to companies such as and Khan_Academy | Khan Academy, Gooroo provides tutoring services and a video platform.

Tutoring Services

Gooroo was founded as a one-on-one tutoring service that offered in-person instruction and mentoring. According to their website, Gooroo offers Online_tutoring | online[9] and in-person tutoring services, divided into various plans[10].

Recorded Content

The company provides lecture-style learning content through a Web_conferencing | webinar platform called Gooroo Live[11] and Gooroo Courses. Gooroo Live offers free courses to K-12 students on a variety of subjects and topics, each crafted to supplement classroom material[12]. The platform was launched as a way for all students from all backgrounds to access high-quality education, according to an article in TG Daily[13].

One notable entrepreneur who has been interviewed on Gooroo Live is Alex_Mashinsky | Alex Mashinsky[14], founder of Celsius Network.

Gooroo Courses are prerecorded educational video content. The content ranges from painting and art tutorials, to economics courses and business advice.


The company has been featured a variety of publications. Among others, Yahoo! Finance highlighted Gooroo for their matching algorithm[15], Built in NYC featured Gooroo's award winning mobile application[16], and IBM commented on Scott Lee's work for education during the pandemic[17].

Gooroo's mobile application[18][19] placed 3rd in Product Hunt's rankings in March 2019[20] and was a finalist for Cool Tool at the EdTech awards in 2020[21]

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