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Goatz NFT

Goatz NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection of 10,000 provably rare and increasingly scarce GOATz with over 150 attributes available on the Opeansea platform (and other markets where NFTs trade).[1] As of 2022, Goatz NFT collection amounts up to almost $7 million worth, after having completed 2,630 ETH of sales.[2] The Goatz collection is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and is hosted on IPFS.[3]


The mission of GOATz believes that there is a greatness that lies within everyone but it’s those who seek it and develop it that truly become a GOAT. This NFT serves as visual reminder of what you're striving for and the person you want to become. The dream and vision are to have people own and forge GOATz that connect with their story and say something about them. GOATz are the world's first deflationary PFP NFT, allowing owners to customize their NFTS through a process known as The Forge. The entire supply of GOATz is constantly reducing, while the art is constantly improving.[4]

Roadmap 1.0 (July 2021-January 2022)

The initial GOATz roadmap was released in July 2021. The initial roadmap reveals Maison De GOAT will have a 6 x 6 piece of land in the metaverse called Sandbox. This 6 x 6 piece of land is known as “Goatzville”.Also revealed is the ability to take a holders favorite traits from two GOATz and combine them into one through a process called “The Forge”. Once a GOAT is forged it unlocks the ability to build a house in Goatzville that is owned by the GOAT that is made from the Forge. Also included in Roadmap 1.0 is the Founder’s Challenge in which the founder awarded prizes to the holder that combined certain traits to make the GOATz look a specific way with the traits he picked. This has since been completed and awards were handed out after the 6th season of the Forge. The last highlights of the initial roadmap was the announcement of a merchandise store as well as GOATz events. Maison De GOAT merchandise can be found at www.goatzmerch.com and events will be occurring in 2022 including during NFT NYC, NFT LA, as well as in Tampa, FL for the filming of a music video for a song created by members of the GOATz project called “Where my GOATz at?”

The Forge

The Forge was created in order to give holders the ability to combine the two best parts of their NFT’s. A Forge SZN is a period of time (typically 3 days in length) where the Forge is open and project participants can Forge their GOATz. The Forge enables personalization as well as increases the scarcity and demand for GOATz. Another enticing benefit is you will be given a 100 sq meter plot of land within GOATzville, a large estate inside The Sandbox metaverse to call your permanent home. The forge works simply by sending two GOATz in with one coming out. Through a token burning contract holders are able to take two of your GOATz and choose which traits they want their one combined GOAT to have. Another enticing benefit is you will be given a 100 sq meter plot of land within GOATzville, a large estate inside TheSandbox metaverse to call your permanent home. The last highlight of The Forge is that it is deflationary and reduces the supply of GOATz creating scarcity. The first forge season saw the supply reduced by 827 GOATz and as of March 1st, 2022, and after 8 Forge “SZNs”, the supply of GOATz stands at 7,173 down over 28% from the original 10,000 supply on the Mint date (July 8th, 2021).

KIDz Companions

KIDz launched in Q4 2021 and is currently still Minting at price tiers of .14, .13, and .12 ETH. Over 1500 have been Minted with the remainder ongoing. The total supply will be 3,000 when Minting is concluded.[5] This NFT series contains 4 special 1 of 1 KIDz and only 3 of those have been Minted thus far. Benefits to KIDz holders includes access to the Adventureland Metaverse, exclusive giveaways, as well as legacy challenges for matching KIDz with GOATz.

Roadmap 2.0 (January 2022-current)

In January 2022, Roadmap 2.0 was launched to further extend the vision the founder has for the GOATz project. The biggest addition to Roadmap 2.0 is $GMILK, an ERC-20 token that exists on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the in-game currency for the GOATz universe. $GMILK has a max supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, can be earned, won, or lost, and can be exchanged for abilities and items in the GOATz universe. Lastly, KIDz can be sent to KIDz Academy where they can be staked in order to earn $GMILK which brings passive income ability to the GOATz project.



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