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Giftpack, Inc.
Available inEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
FoundedJune, 2016 founded in Bay Area, San Francisco
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)Archer Chiang, Irene Ling, Bing-Yue Chen
IndustryE-commerce, AI, Gifting Service, Corporate Gifting
Employeescirca. 30

Giftpack, Inc..[1][2], a Silicon Valley based cross-border AI (artificial intelligence) startup, founded by Archer Chiang in June, 2016. Giftpack, Inc. was officially launched in June, 2017. It aims to overturn the traditional way of gifting service. The gifting platform combines design, service, big data, artificial intelligence, and the concept sharing economy as to subvert the mode of cross-border business and logistics. Giftpack, Inc. devotes itself into AI technology by using big data to target corporate employees and clients for precise gifting strategies, in order to meet the high demands of gifting from international businesses[3]


Archer Chiang, one of the founders of Giftpack, Inc., recognized that in every long-distance relationship, differences in time and distance are two major problems most of the people need to deal with. Therefore, Giftpack, Inc. has its mission, providing cross-borders, cross-cities, cross-areas real-time gifting service as a solution for people in long-distance relationships. In May, 2016, before its foundation, Archer Chiang conducted the first product testing in San Francisco, USA. He used a cup of coffee as a gesture of caring as a starting point, successfully sold the idea and profited. In June, 2017, after one year of foundation, the product was officially launched. Giftpack, Inc. became the first cross-borders real-time gifting company in the world.


Company Culture

Since the foundation of Giftpack, Inc., it has a culture of remote-working. One of the reasons was because of the educational background of Archer Chiang. Having the background of engineering and design, he believes everyone has the best time framework that works the best for each person, being restricted or interrupted is the major reason to poor working efficiency.

Business to Customer (B2C)

On B2C side, provides global real-time gifting service. In cooperation with deliver (Packer), the gifting can be done in 3 hours at the fastest.


Giftpack, Inc. recruited the first year of internship program in February, 2017. The name of interns is "Giftern", which is the combination of "Giftpack" and "Intern". The interns are responsible for a big portion of company's operation, and they come from different countries around the world with diverse cultural background.


Packer are the delivers who deliver gifts on B2C side. Giftpack, Inc. provides global real-time gifting service in many countries in the world. This allows people who are in long-distance relationships can break the limitations of space and time, and send heart-warming messages and gifts to the other person in another country in 3 hours. Giftpack, Inc. uses integration of technology and O2O business mode, and collaborate with Packers in different cities to make this happen.

Business to Business (B2B)

On B2B side, is a AI-powered gifting platform for corporates.

The way it functions is to use keywords provided by senders, analyze with social media accounts and other information to pick the most suitable gifts for each person, and deliver the gift by cross-borders logistics services.

Awards & Prizes

Giftpack, Inc. was graduated from Open Network Lab Accelerator in Tokyo, Japan in 2018[4], attended Forbes 30 Under 30 [5] at annual stage in Boston, U.S.A, and joined one of the biggest technology seminar in Asia, RISE 2018[6][7][8]. It was awarded with "Leaders of Innovation Award" in Hong Kong, 2019, reported by KOTRA Korea to be the "Annual Trending Service" in 2020, and won "Connecting the World" award in "Glowing, Global, Go (G Camp)"[9][10] in Taiwan. The headquarter is now located in Manhattan New York City, U.S.A, can owns offices in Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan, and San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A, providing service in 22 cities, in 6 countries around the world.

Giftpack, Inc. Awards & Prizes Timeline
Year Month Name of Events Location Awards / Prizes
2018 June Open Network Lab Accelerator Tokyo, Japan Graduated
2018 June Plug and Play U.S.A -
2018 July RISE Conference Hong Kong Invited
2018 September Frobes Under 30 Summit Boston, U.S.A Invited
2018 December Leaders of Innovation Award Hong Kong Best Innovative Service in 2019
2019 September Techcrunch SF Disrupt San Francisco, U.S.A Attended
2019 October KOTRA Korea Annual Trending Service
2020 August G Camp Taiwan Connecting the World
2020 September K-Startup Grand Challenge Korea In progress (last updated: 09/20/2020)

Service Areas

Giftpack, Inc. provides two types of service: B2C and B2B. B2B is in service worldwide in collaboration with global cross-borders logistics service. Below is a list of service areas on the B2C side.

Giftpack (B2C) Service Areas
Country / Area City Service Condition Note
U.S.A San Francisco Temporary Closed Due to COVID-19
U.S.A New York Temporary Closed Due to COVID-19
Taiwan Taipei Available -
Taiwan New Taipei City Available -
Taiwan Taichung Available -
Taiwan Kaohsiung Available -
Taiwan Keelung Available -
Taiwan Hisnchu Available -
Taiwan Taoyuan Available -
Taiwan Tainan Available -
Taiwan Miaoli Available -
Taiwan Nantou Available -
Taiwan Changhua Available -
Taiwan Chiayi Available -
Taiwan Yunlin Available -
Taiwan Pingtung Available -
Japan Tokyo Available -
Japan Osaka Available -
Japan Yokohama Available -
Singapore Singapore City Temporary Cloed Due to COVID-19
Australia Sydney Available -
Hong Kong Hong Kong Temporary Cloed Due to COVID-19
China Beijing Opening Soon -
France Paris Opening Soon -
Thailand Bangkok Opening Soon -
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Opening Soon -

COVID-19 Responses

Giftpack, Inc. provided tutorials for Packers, including demanding delivers to self-test health, wear masks, and bring disinfection necessities while delivering.

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