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Georg Viktor
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BornFebruary 6th 1953
Ludwigshafen Germany
Alma materStaatliche Hochschule für Musik in Heidelberg-Mannheim

Georg Viktor (born February 6th 1953 in Ludwigshafen Germany) is a german born sculptor. He specializes in hyperrealistic, Erotica sculptures, which he sculpts in marble. Since 1979 he has lived and worked in Pietrasanta in Italy.

Personal career

Georg Viktor was born and raised in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. In 1976 he graduated from the "Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim" and in 1978 he studied stone carving at the studio of Volker Dursy [1] in Ladenburg. In 1979 he worked as a sculptor and then moved to Pietrasanta, in Italy, near the Carrara marble quarries. In the Studio Fernando Palla he studied the special techniques of marble sculpting.

Since his first solo exhibition in Germany in 1981, Viktor has presented his work in Symposium and solo exhibitions. His pieces can also be seen in the permanent exhibition of Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York, following his exhibition in 1996.


In his extensive sculptural work, Georg Viktor focuses on the perfectly modeled body, preferably female, often with accenting accessories. He emphasizes the erotic charisma of the body. His work seeks to combine contemporary imagery and themes with sculptural references from Greco-Roman antiquity. Georg Viktor is inspired by themes of the body and eroticism. He sculpts female subjects with modern sartorial shapes and patterns in poses that are often reminiscent of ancient Greco-Roman sculptures, such as the caryatids.[2]

Georg Viktor, is close to Hyperrealism. He uses the sculptural techniques of marble, from traditional to modern. The properties of the materials themselves come to create the illusion of reality. By perfecting marble finishing techniques, he achieves hyper realistic effects of bare skin, clothes, jeans or leather on white, grey, beige, black marble. He elaborates his works in clay and plaster as well as in sandstone and bronze. His favorite material is the Carrara white statuario marble, from which he draws his inspiration from the rich history.

He places supernatural eroticism at the forefront of his sculptures, on which the artist himself writes "Eroticism in art has existed for as long as art itself" and adds "My sculptures are not only there to be looked at, but also to be touches with the hands and the senses [3]. Public interest in his works is reflected in numerous sculpture symposiums, exhibitions, exhibitions and goes well beyond private art lovers. Some of Viktor's marble sculptures are found in public space, such as the stele for Osthofen, [4] Donatella in the public space of Ludwig Reichert Haus in Ludwigshafen [5] or the abduction of Europa by Zeus[6] in Leingarten.

His passion for local peculiarities and special people is also reflected in his works, as the bust of the loner Ernst Kolb.[7] or in the 'Hommage á Rimbaud' (1989, Marble Statuario 75 x 36 x26) [8]


  • 1996: New York, Louis K. Meisel Gallery „The Great American Pin-ups“ (Dauerausstellung)
  • 2013: Montignoso, Eros/Arte
  • 2013: Pietrasanta, La Cava Del Falco, „Il Primo Volo“
  • 2013: Montone, Umbria, Triennale Di Scultura
  • 2014: Pietrasanta, Art & Design
  • 2014: Mannheim, KulturKlub Mittelpunkt, Porträts von Ernst Kolb
  • 2014: San Gimignano, iSculpture Art Gallery
  • 2014: Mannheim, Kulturklub Mittelpunkt, Mostra di Scultura
  • 2017: San Gimignano,Toscana iSculpture Art Gallery „Nuda Pietra“
  • 2018: London, Erotic Art Exhibition London
  • 2018: Livorno, SMP21, "Nuda Pietra"
  • 2018: Bergdietikon, Galerie Bachlechner „Blau“
  • 2019: Pietrasanta, Toscana, Galleria Intrecciarte


  • 1981: III. Simposio Internazionale di Scultura, Carrara, Italien
  • 1985: VII. Simposio Internazionale di Scultura, Carrara, (Preisträger), Italien
  • 1986: II. Internationales Bildhauersymposium, Durbach, Schwarzwald, Deutschland
  • 1987: IIIe Simposium International de Sculpture, Digne les Bains, Frankreich
  • 2002: III. Simposio Internazionale di Scultura Campomaggiore, Potenza, Italien
  • 2006: Simposium International de Sculpture „Les Produits du Terroir“Sénas, Provence, Frankreich
  • 2007: Internationales Bildhauersymposium, „Kunst Raum Kreisel“ Leingarten, Heilbronn[9]
  • 2007: Simposium de la Pierre „Le Printems des Sculpteurs“ Oppède, Provence, Frankreich


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