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Gekidan Exile
Formation2007 (2007)
TypeTheatre group
  • Japan
  • Elly
  • Alan Shirahama
  • Kenjiro Yamashita
  • Keita Machida
Artistic director(s)
LDH (company)

Gekidan Exile is a Japanese acting group managed by LDH[1].


2007-2008 Formation and first appearances

The group was first created in 2007 with the name Gekidan Exiles[2], which was changed the following year to the current Gekidan Exile[3].

2009-2010 Hanagumi and Kazegumi teams

In January 2009 the first edition of Gekidan Exile Auditions was held and Yusuke Isomura and Yuta Ozawa were declared eligible. They were put in the Hanagumi team with Shintarou Akiyama , Sho Aoyagi , Kyousuke Harukawa and JONTE, all part of the LDH family.[4]

Seven months later there was a second edition of the auditions.[5]

In April 2010 the Kazegumi team was created, with the LDH artists Elly, Alan Shirahama, Kenjiro Yamashita and the Fujima twins as its members.[6]

With the third edition of Gekidan Exile Auditions being held in August 2010, both Nobuyuki Suzuki and Keita Machida were declared eligible and later joined the Kazegumi team[7] to replace Sho and Tsukasa Fujima who had left in September 2010.

2011-2015 Fusion of the two teams

In 2010 JONTE, Elly, Alan Shirahama, Kenjiro Yamashita and Keita Machida decided to leave the group to pursue other paths[8] and the two teams were merged into a single one under the name Gekidan Exile[9].

Machida, however, rejoined the following year after deciding to part ways withGenerations from Exile to chase his acting carreer[10] after a long period of inactivity due to injuries.[11]

Hayato Onozuka, SWAY, Masayasu Yagi entered the group in September 2012[12] while Yusuke Isomura dropped in May 2013[13], as well as Kyousuke Harukawa in September 2015[14] and in January of the same year another Gekidan Exile Audition was held, with Kanta Sato being the last member to join Gekidan Exile[15].

In the media



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