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Gamers NFT
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Release12 May 2022

Gamers NFT is a gamer-centric NFT collection of 20,000 digitally generated characters that depict gaming trends, and pop culture references amongst other prevalent things. Gamers NFT is not just another NFT project, it is made specifically for gaming enthusiasts between 15-60 years which includes all types of gamers (Console, Mobile, PC, VR, Nintendo, etc.) and aims to build a widespread community of people with similar interests.


Gamers NFT was founded with the goal of creating a project that would cater to the gaming community and serve as a learning platform as well as a social place for gamers from all over the world. The Gamers NFT's creators spent a significant amount of time delving into and studying each trait to ensure that everyone in our community loves their GAMERS on mint day.

GAMERS contains over 100 references to various gaming trends, terminology, and pop culture from the gaming and web3 industries such as Takeover Headset, Diamond Bullet-Proof Vest, Rainbow Unicorn Dreads, and AFK Skin. The NFT has several other unique combinations with over 200 features.

GAMERS NFT owners will be certified beta testers for our gamer-centric web3 platform, which is scheduled to arrive in 2022. The community will play a critical role by providing input based on their platform experiences. This NFT aims to become the first verified NFT collection on Xbox and Playstation!


The Gamers NFT consists of three primary phases:

In the first stage, the first 5000 owners of Gamer NFT will become entitled to a number of rewards worth $5000.

In the second stage, the NFT holders will get access to the Beta-Test of all the mini-games.

And in the third stage, the NFT holders will get access to Beta-Test of the project’s bespoke social media platform which is currently under construction.


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