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Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT
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Developer(s)Galaxy Invaders Gang

Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT is a blockchain artwork on Ethereum developed by the Galaxy Invaders Gang to offer animated aliens for a wide range of applications. It features a number of aliens that have survived in the galaxy. Each of the invaders is driven by the same desire and mission: they want to survive and explore other galaxies, as well as invade and drain them for the purpose of their own existence.[1]

In this immersive and life-like story, miners are required to take an active part in collecting the most sophisticated and precious materials they can in order to progress further in their objective.

Galaxy Invaders Gang is creating a vibrant community in which individuals may form lifetime friendships based on a shared interest in the NFT community is what they want to achieve. The goal of Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT is to provide its users with a limitless amount of opportunities.[2]


Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT operates on Ethereum's underlying blockchain network. As each alien is unique and held by the user, and its ownership is verified by the blockchain, its worth may rise or depreciate depending on the market. This project have animated aliens and related assets with different backgrounds that can be used in various combinations to acquire resources from this fictional world of aliens. Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT aims to offer higher utility to its holders/owners.[3]

It will be continued as a community-driven initiative instead of being centrally controlled by a team.


A Galaxy Invaders Gang's ownership is tracked via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Galaxy Invaders Gang is represented as a non-fungible token using the RUST technology on Ethereum, relying on their owners to assure the continuation of their existence. Based on the limited number of colorful aliens going into circulation and their limited combinations, there is a limit of around total aliens that can be in the collection.

Because Aliens are digital tokens on a blockchain, they can be purchased, traded, or transferred digitally, with a guarantee of ownership in every transaction.

Roadmap of Galaxy Invaders Gang NFT

Pre-Launch: A marketing campaign will be started with an aim to have 1,500 Discord members and launch a pre-sale campaign.

Phase 1: It will be completed when 25% of Galaxy Invaders Gang tokens will be sold. The community should have 3,000 Discord members and be verified on The marketing will be scaled up and work on building NFT partnerships.

Phase 2: It aims at the sale of 50% Galaxy Invaders Gang tokens and beginning the development of Invader Gang Armada. They will work with other communities to coordinate large scale NFT events.

Phase 3: In this phase, 100% of the tokens will be sold and Invader Gang Armada snapshot. It will allow beginning of sponsoring streamers and develop partnerships with charities.

Phase 4: Invader gang armada will be airdropped and released. This phase will focus on establishing a partnership with the sandbox or decentralandz. The development and launch of invader gang immigration.


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