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Gabe Langholtz
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Born (1970-11-30) November 30, 1970 (age 53)
Okinawa, Japan

Gabe Langholtz (30 November 1970 – Present) was born in Okinawa, Japan and is an American painter who has spent most of his life in Austin, Texas.[1] His art styles are self-described as "Naïve Modern" (a combination between Naïve art and Modern art) and Geometric abstraction.[1][2][3] Langholtz has been influenced by other Naïve artists such as Mary Fedden, Philip Guston, Agnes Martin, and Gary Bunt[4] with folk art and collage heavily informing his style.[1][2]

His work is primarily representational, telling a story with each painting; he draws on humor and parody.[1] Joseph R. Wolin describes some of his paintings as "suggesting Tragicomedy tales of abject misery, simmering rage, and imminent violence".[5] Langholtz frequently uses more "mundane" or "painterly" subjects to suggest more complicated stories.[3][5] He states that he owes his developing style to American Color field painting, with a heavy focus on color relations, creating patterns, and texture. He primarily incorporates Form (art), and disregards depth of field and Elements of art.[6] He employs a Two-dimensional space style and commonly uses a flattened Elements of art that is almost Cubism.[6] As a recurring theme in many of his works, Langholtz claims he explores traditional subject matter presented in nontraditional ways.[1] Because of this, his painting are reminiscent of children's art and have a playful quality.[1] His works were featured in the 2015 HGTV Smart Home[7] & have appeared in many galleries, print publications, television, & film.[1]

According to Langholtz, "The thing I continually strive for in my art is individuality. Each painting should be a memorable work, representative of my hand overall, but intrinsically distinct."[1]

As of February 2nd, 2022, Gabe is part of a 2 person exhibition with Karen Lederer at Hashimoto Contemporary (NYC) opening March 20th-April 10th, 2022.[8]


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