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Freya Holmér
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Other namesAcegikmo
  • Video game designer
  • artist
Known for
  • Shapes, a vector graphics asset library,
  • Shader Forge, the first no-code shader library for Unity
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Total views6.1M[1]

Freya Holmér is a Swedish video game developer who is known for her shader and graphics libraries, Shader Forge, and Shapes, as well as her software development of the game Budget Cuts. Holmér's now open-sourced work on the game development asset library Shader Forge, a no-code asset shading editor[2] Holmér's other major contribution to the gaming industry is Shapes, a real-time vector graphics library built for aiding in development of Unity-based games.[3][4]

Holmér is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry and has spoken about the need for more women and underrepresented groups to be represented in game development.[5] Holmér has also worked on improving the accessibility of mathematics by creating specialized visualization tools, particularly in the area of splines.[6]

She has also been involved in mentoring programs for aspiring game developers and has given talks at industry events to share her experiences and insights.[7]


Holmér studied game design at Futuregames, a vocational curriculum for the game industry, beginning in 2010.

During her final year at Futuregames, Holmér held an internship at Avalanche Studios Group. She later returned to teach at her alma mater.[8][9]

Career, design, and development work

Holmér co-founded an indie game startup called Neat Corporation, the company behind the Budget Cuts VR games. Holmér eventually left Neat Corp. before subsequent sequels of the Budget Cuts game.[9]

She is credited 21 times across 18 video games spanning from 2007 to 2022.[10]

Holmér taught for a brief time at her alma mater, FutureGames. While there, she instructed courses on programming and Unity game development. During her time at FutureGames, Holmér found a gap in available tooling for video game designers in the areas of asset shading libraries and the lack of accessible options that did not require extensive programming language use.

Shader Forge

Shader Forge is a shader library developed by Holmér which became the industry standard for shader editing.

Holmér self-taught herself to code the shader tool after seeing her students' needs for a better way to add shading in their projects developed on the Unity platform.[11] She maintained the platform as a paid tool, but she later open-sourced as free-to-use software upon deciding to move on to new projects. The package was originally sold for US$90 as a plugin on the Unity store.


Shapes is a real-time vector graphics library developed by Holmér.[12]

Functionality and Limitations

Shapes is able to create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes such as discs, polygons, arcs, rings, spheres, and so on.[12]

The library does not offer SVG image support nor ECS support. The project is also not trivial to integrate shaders without additional development work.[12]


Shapes was listed in Unity’s Top Paid Assets list on the Unity Assets Store, holding the fourth place on the list for several months from March 2023 through July 2023.[13]


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