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Frederick Watson
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada
DiedDecember, 2017
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Painter

Frederick John Watson was a Canadian fashion illustrator and painter from Barrie, Ontario. He is best known for his international Painting of high value women, fashion Illustration and Theatre and Art Deco Poster. He has also created a distinct fine art Printmaking collection of beautiful women reminiscent of the classic Style (visual arts)|art style named "Art Deco".[1]The nine special fine art giglee Printmaking on archival paper, capture the glamour of the past era.[[2]] With numerous publications , he is a true champion for the sometimes forgotten art of fashion illustration. The start of inspiration for his work came from a woman he saw on Madison Avenue in New York City. To which that woman was in black, wearing High-heeled shoe and was carrying a diamond brooch, and an Umbrella.[3]


Frederick was born a farm boy in Barrie, Ontario. His Father worked in the air force as a Aircraft pilot and not around much. After moving to Toronto in his early 20's, before becoming an illustrator, he worked at Simpson's (department store) for five years. [3] One morning, a mysteriously dressed woman came in with an open portfolio and checked in her coat before going shopping. From the contents of that portfolio, his love for fashion was born. Frederick's first official show was the Alexander Art gallery in New York City. His style was heavily impacted by years of studying the design of Art Deco and marketing illustration materials. his pencil work was first recognized in Magazine such as Theatre and glamour Poster, which went on to become valued collector's items on the Toronto art scene.[4] He was an actor for a while but ended up deciding it wasn't for him.. He also took up Tap dance for the Fred Astaire company in Toronto but ultimately went back to his passion of fashion drawing. Watson Drawing Mouse for a Christmas Advertising which would go on to be his first project.[3]

His mother's red hair may have been a precursor to his art career and served as an inspiration for many of his Work of art. Frederick found inspiration and beauty in the rarest of places. From Tap dance at Eaton Centre Auditorium (The Carlu) in Toronto, to Equestrianism, to his Canadians hometown to performing at Museum theatre Harlequin (Toronto); no matter what he was doing, he always knew that inside he was an artist. His Mentorship, Jean Miller, illustrator for the Simpsons (department store), is who he credits for getting him started in Fashion illustration in 1957. Frederick Watson was a man with an eye for beauty and the ability to transport all of his viewers into a world of glamour and Style (form of address)|style. In the words of Frederick himself, "Elegance is timeless".[5]

His Mentorship, Jean Miller, illustrator for the Simpsons (department store), is who he credits for getting him started in Fashion illustration in 1957. Frederick Watson was a man with an eye for beauty and the ability to transport all of his viewers into a world of glamour and Style (form of address). A quote from Frederick himself, "Elegance is timeless".[5]Frederick's pieces begin with a face either from a reference, his imagination or both. He started painting for himself and people seemed to have loved the results. He Painting everyday and was always looking out for image that inspired him. These Image were mostly found in Book he owned and various Magazine containing Photograph and Illustration from his favorite Fashion. When Watson was 76 he did nothing but Painting and didn't want to Illustration|illustrate anymore. At that time in his life he did not want to worry about the pressures of deadlines.[3]

Social Impact

Frederick had been invited as a guest on numerous television and radio, and he also has been Interview in major Newspaper and columns in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Bravo magazine, US Magazine magazine along with many other Journalism.[6][7] He has done Volunteering work at several AIDS Fundraising events. Frederick's Printmaking have not only been in Newspaper but he has also contributed limited edition Printmaking for Jewellery, Cruise ship and luxury goods.[8] Watson's work has also appeared in several Paramount Pictures in New York City and Toronto. The core of his art celebrates the beauty of women from all over. [9]

Fashion journalism and Canadians Television Jeanne Baker had known Watson for almost two Decade and collaborated with him at several fashion events. She was first attracted to his work because of the history and fashion illustration aspects. She now owns several of his paintings that are displayed throughout her home.[9]

Frederick was also selected for 2 Award from Worldwide Who's Who; A vanity publisher that highlights people's Career through published Biography. The 1st award is for the "2012, professional of the year" representing the Fine art. For the second award, In the same year, Worldwide Who's Who also recognized Frederick J. Watson as a "lifetime member".[10]



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