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Francisco Marven
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Born1984 (age 38–39)
Villa de Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico
Known forLady Tacos de Canasta

Francisco Marven "Lady Tacos de Canasta" Francisco Marven “Lady Tacos de Canasta”

Francisco Marven, known as “Lady Tacos de Canasta”, is a muxe.[1] born in Villa de Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico. She is a Mexican street food vendor who first reached fame on the internet following his appearance in the 2016 Pride Parade in Mexico City. Her shout of “Tacos! Los tacos de canasta, tacooooos!” earned her the nickname “Lady Tacos de Canasta” which launched a social media frenzy, propelling her into celebrity status because of the iconic manner in which she announced her presence and offers her goods.


Francisco Marven was born in Villa de Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico in 1984. Oaxaca. The region of Istmo de Tehuantepec in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico is home to members of the Zapotec culture, which recognizes a third gender: the muxe. A muxe is a person who is assigned male at birth, but dresses and behaves in a manner often associated with women. As a child in her native town of Vill de Etla, she worked with grandmother making tortillas and learned to make the basket tacos and the salsas she has gained fame for, from her parents but most notably from her father. Selling basket tacos in Mexico City is a family business, but she is the only one that has gained such a degree of fame due in great part to her appearance and peculiar way of announcing her wares. Every morning she sets out on her bicycle, with her full basket carefully balanced on the same, dressed in her colorful braids and makeup, her full skirt arranged in such a way as to avoid getting caught in the bicycle spokes, shouting “Tacos! Los tacos de canasta, tacooooos!” To announce that she is open for business. This peculiar shout, combined with her deep, raspy voice lend a special characteristic to her business as passersby cannot help but turn to look at her. Simply put, one is compelled to follow where ever she goes, and compelled to buy her tacos.[2]

Marven (as she prefers toe be called) has become a gastronomic icon in Mexico City due to her delicious tacos and her internet celebrity status. She reached international fame following her television debut in the third episode of the 2019 Netflix documentary series production of Cronicas del Taco.

Marven first reached national (Mexican) fame when some of her friends invited her to attend the 2016 Pride Day Parade in Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma. At the parade, she began to sell her tacos using her patented shout. An attendee of the parade caught her on video and uploaded it to twitter, making her go viral as the “Lady Tacos de Canasta” in keeping with Mexico’s recent trend of nicknaming the protagonists of their viral videos “lord” or “lady”. Her daily sales route includes some of Mexico City’s most transited streets such as Francisco I. Madero n the Historical Downtown of the Mexican capitol.[3] [4]

Marven has, of course, had a series of unpleasant experiences due to her chosen profession. She has to deal with harassment from male observers who call her names, as well as strange looks and other negative comments. She has been assaulted by local police on three occasions, in 2017, 2019 and 2020.[5] [6] [7]

In June 2020, Marven won what is fondly called the Emmy of Gastronomy: the James Beard Media Award.[8]

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