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Fadila Jheengoor-Mooraby
Fadila Jheengoor-Mooraby.jpg
Fadila Jheengoor

(1987-06-14) June 14, 1987 (age 36)
CitizenshipMauritius and British
  • Chef
  • Author
Height182 cm (6 ft 0 in)

Fadila Jheengoor-Mooraby (born 14 June 1987) is a chef, award-winning author, and food influencer. She has authored two best-selling cookbooks that feature her assorted recipes - Fadilah’s Kitchen Fusion cuisine made easy[1] and Fadilah’s Kitchen: Celebration of Flavours.[2] Fadila is best known for sharing easy-to-follow, appetizing everyday recipes on her blog, which helped her gain mainstream recognition.

Born in Mauritius, Fadila has become one of the best-known and most influential chefs in the country. She has garnered a following of thousands on Instagram, sharing her unique and mouth-watering recipes.[3] Since the beginning of her career, Fadila has gained a vast social media following by sharing reader-appeasing content related to food. She specializes in Mauritian and fusion cuisines.

Fadila has over a decade of experience as a chef and has received several awards throughout her career for her culinary skills including the Gourmand world cookbook award four times in a row. She has also been featured in a number of press such as Defimedia,[4] Sunday Times Mauritius,[5] Star Press,[6] Inside News, and others.

Early life and education

Fadila was born on 14 June 1987 in Mauritius. In 2007, Fadila moved to London in 2007.


Fadila developed a keen fascination with world cuisines upon moving to London, which became her foundation as a chef. She soon began experimenting with new ingredients and cooking techniques, and with the support and motivation from her family, she decided to share her passion and expertise both nationally and internationally.

Fadila soon began sharing her recipes on social media channels which resulted in her gaining an ever-increasing following. In 2017, she wrote her first cookbook titled Fadilah’s Kitchen Fusion cuisine made easy, which gained positive reception, becoming nationally recognized and receiving the best self-published book and best cookbook awards in Africa and Mauritius.

In 2019, Mooraby released her second book titled Fadilah's Kitchen- Celebration of Flavours which is an account of her newly discovered culinary skills on her travels through Spain, India, Portugal, Turkey, South Korea and China. Fadilah’s books are often used by several educational institutions and universities.

Apart from that, Fadila also runs a cooking blog, where she shares day-to-day recipes of different cuisines from across the world. She also covers different types of customized recipes that adhere to various diet needs be it Keto, Vegan, Low Carb, and others.


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  • 2017: Best cookbook in Mauritius awarded by the Gourmand world cookbook awards
  • 2017/2018: Best self-published cookbook awarded by the Gourmand world cookbook awards
  • 2017/2018: Best cookbook for local (Africa) awarded by the Gourmand world cookbook awards
  • 2019/2020: Best cookbook in Mauritius awarded by the Gourmand world cookbook awards
  • 2019/2020: Best cookbook for local (Africa) awarded by the Gourmand world cookbook awards
  • 2020/2021: Nominated to represent Mauritius for Best of 25 years of Gourmand World cookbook awards in Paris Nov 2021.

Personal life

Mooraby is married and is a mother to two kids. She is fluent in English, French, Creole, Hindi, and Urdu.

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