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Fabien Delage
Fabien Delage.png
Born (1985-11-13) November 13, 1985 (age 38)
Years active2006 - present
Known forDead Crossroads, Fury of the Demon, Cold Ground

Fabien Delage (born November 13, 1985) is a French award winning filmmaker, writer, graphic artist and photographer. Delage is best known for directing Cold Ground, Fury of the Demon, Dead Crossroads and The Wild Diaries. Additionally, Fabien Delage was also the lead singer of the metal fusion band Bleeding Freaks. Delage is considered as a pioneer font artist and his work has been downloaded millions of times on the internet.[1]

Fabien Delage was born in Paris, France. He graduated from Paris East University of Audiovisual Arts & Technology with specialization in film analysis and screenwriting. Delage’s designing work has been published on the top magazines, television and has been often used by marketing and advertising agencies. He is also a member of La Cinémathèque Méliès.[2]


Fabien Delage started his career as a photographer, illustrator and graphic designer in 2006. As a font designer, he got several short term contracts with Adidas, McDonald's Corporation, Nestlé, France Télévisions, Sony Music Entertainment, BBC, Discovery Channel, DC Comics, Paramount Pictures, Fox Filmed Entertainment and several others. From 2010, Fabien Delage started his career working in films as a film director and screenwriter for Hippocampe Productions.[3][4]

In 2012, Fabien Delage followed his passion and founded Fright House Pictures, a production company. Under his production banner, he wrote and directed 13 episodes of the French TV show, Dead Crossroads distributed by Oh My Gore and Reality Entertainment. The show was critically well acclaimed by the critics and media, SensCritique rated it as one of the best Horror TV series. In 2013, Delage experimented shooting on 8mm film and made his fourth short film The Wild Diaries which won Best International Thriller Short at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.[5][6]

In 2016, Delage made his directorial debut with the supernatural mockumentary, Fury of the Demon. It premiered in France at Gérardmer and was also screened at film festivals such as Fantasia, Fright Fest or Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. In the same year, he wrote and directed 13 new episodes of Dead Crossroads: The Forbidden Files for Canal Play / Studio +. His second feature length Cold Ground won more than 15 awards including Gold Award and Best Feature Film at Los Angeles Horror Competition, Top Indie Film Awards and Independent Horror Movie Awards. In 2018, he produced a French horror anthology 3:15 am for which he wrote and directed The Grove.[7][8]

As a photographer, Delage’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Paris, Los Angeles and Toronto. Delage created a buzz in 2011, when his photography project in New York City, The Future is Not What It Used To Be, was sold out within 7 days.[9][10]

As a silent movie expert, Fabien Delage is a member of La Cinémathèque Méliès and was in charge of Benjamin Christensen’s HÄXAN 2020 restoration.[11]


Fabien Delage has received several awards for his film making. Below are a few:

  • Best International Thriller Short at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
  • Gold Award and Best Feature Film at Los Angeles Horror Competition
  • Best Feature at Top Indie Film Awards
  • Best Feature at Independent Horror Movie Awards[12]

Fonts created

Delage specializes in typography with typefaces like Dead Kansas and Plane Crash used around the world.

  • La Street Kids (2013)
  • Redwood Creek (2013)
  • House of Horror (2012)
  • Plane Crash (2012)
  • The Sickmen (2010)
  • The Blood Shack (2010)
  • Dead Kansas (2010)
  • Forever Black (2009)
  • Survival Horror (2007)
  • Watch The City Burn (2008)
  • Kids From Snow Hill (2009)
  • Northern Territories (2011, grungy caps)
  • DC Comics (2011)
  • This Is My Town (2008)
  • Writing You A Letter (2009)
  • We Spray (2009)
  • This Is My Town 3 (2013)
  • This Is My Town (2010)


  • The Drift - Los Angeles: June 2012
  • The Drift - Paris: April 2012
  • My Street Family - Paris: February 2011
  • This Is My Town / The Exhibition - Roissy en Brie FR: February 2010
  • These Bones Shall Rise – Toronto : May 2014


“These Bones Shall Rise” ISBN-10: 1320039774 Haunted Photography book by Fabien Delage. This book was Published by Blurb on May 6, 2014. The book is available in both hardcover and paperback.


Delage has gained extensive experience in the art of creating and serving in the genre of horror and suspense. He served as actor and director in many documentaries, series and films here are some of selected :[13][14][15][16]

Writer and director

  • 2018: 3:15 am (segment "The Grove")
  • 2017: Cold Ground
  • 2016: Fury of the Demon (Documentary)
  • 2015: Dead Crossroads: The Forbidden Files (TV Series)
  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short)
  • 2012: Dead Crossroads (TV Series)


  • 2018: 3:15 am (producer)
  • 2017: Cold Ground (co-producer)
  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short) (producer)


  • 2018: 3:15 am (segment "The Grove")
  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short)


  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short)
  • 2012: Dead Crossroads (TV Series)


  • 2018: 3:15 am (segment "The Woman in the Attic")
  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short)


  • 2018: 3:15 am
  • Chris (segment "The Grove")

Art director

  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short)

Camera and Electrical Department

  • 2014: Horsehead (still photographer)

Makeup Department

  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short) (special makeup effects artist)

Sound department

  • 2013: The Wild Diaries (Short) (sound mixer)


  • 2019: Christophe Gans - Adapting A True Work of Art (Documentary) (special thanks)
  • 2019: Christophe Gans - Delivering a Nightmare (Documentary) (special thanks)
  • 2019: Christophe Gans - The Origin of Silence (Documentary) (special thanks)

Personal life

Fabien Delage was the lead singer of Bleeding Freaks and has worked with premium label companies including I For Us Records. He is fluent in French and English. In 2007, Delage founded "Posi: The Fun Starts Here", a hardcore clothing brand, where the profits generated from the brand were donated to the charity.[17]

In the media



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