Evan Seech

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Evan Seech
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Born (1999-02-09) February 9, 1999 (age 25)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
CitizenshipUnited States of America

Evan Seech is an American entrepreneur born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of South Florida as a renowned student. With a knack for business, the student with great academic results turned into someone who built and scaled multiple business ventures over the years. His excellent knowledge, skills, and willingness to experiment helped him thrive in multiple industries. Seech is known widely for his understanding of financial markets, scaling businesses, and ability to make calculated decisions.


Evan was born with an entrepreneurial mindset and later established a career in the business world. Initially, Seech worked as a digital marketer in high school and during his early college days to help scale small businesses. He simultaneously grew his knowledge in trading in the financial markets through other professionals but mostly self-study. Seech continuously worked towards building a strong reputation and track record through his early trading days and continued exceptional growth in his other businesses. Some renowned businesses like Central Cross Capital experienced substantial growth through his efforts. He also imparts his knowledge to other people through training on various online platforms.

R&S Timepieces is another great initiative Seech took with his partner Matthew Rodriguez. The idea flourished in the minds of these creative individuals during the COVID outburst. They kept analyzing the tremendous growth of the luxury wristwatch market before finally entering it. The luxury watch brand focuses on dealing and investing in long-term in luxury timepieces such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Omega, and more. Apart from that, the company is involved in data mining and the algorithmic side of the watch markets.

Personal life

Seech is currently thriving in the financial markets and in other business ventures at a young age. He understood the value of money at an early stage in his life when his grandparents lost $500,000 during the 2008 market crash. His interest in the stock market began after that, and he became one of the well-known day traders in the trading community. All these past experiences as well as traveling around the world sharpening his craft has helped shape his career.


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