Eunuchs and Nymphomaniacs

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The cover of Eunuchs and Nymphomaniacs From the Anonymous author of New York Times best seller Diary of an Oxygen Thief and Chameleon in a Candy Store comes the third and final installment of the Oxygen Thief Trilogy, Eunuchs and Nymphomaniacs.


At the end of Chameleon In A Candy Store the anonymous narrator/writer is having great success selling his books through a fake dating profile he created using intimate photos of his ex-girlfriend, Marian. But at the beginning of Eunuchs And Nymphomaniacs this profile has been removed due to complaints of cat-fishing and fraud. He needs to find a new way to sell the thousands of self-published books he still has on hand. After reluctantly setting up a table on Prince Street he finds to his astonishment that it’s like having his own personalized, pop-up bookstore in New York’s most exclusive shopping district. Juliette Lewis holding a copy of the "self-published phenomenon" Diary Of An Oxygen Thief on Prince Street. Street-vendors, pedestrians, con-artists and vagrants, mingle with fashionistas, instagrammers, residents and celebrities to provide Anonymous with a plethora of humbling and eye-opening insights freshly gleaned from the downtown zeitgeist. Meanwhile, feeling guilty about using Marian as click-bait Anonymous determines to win her back. He asks her out on deeply awkward, ambiguously themed “dates” where she, glad of the opportunity to avenge herself, proceeds to torture him with hope.

This goes on for three years.

Warning; Spoiler alerts

Back on Prince Street a celebrity rapper browsing at the table posts a photo of the first page of Diary of an Oxygen Thief on his Instagram feed. Huge orders follow as the book goes viral and Anonymous is feted as “a self-published phenomenon." However his success is dampened by the discovery that Marian has been secretly seeing someone for the preceding three years since their break up. This means that while he was turning up to what he considered to be dates she had already rekindled a relationship she’d been in before they'd ever met. Adding to his woes there is now pressure to produce a follow-up book.

He decides to harness the talents of a glamorous, sexually intimidating art-model/photographer who he invites to co-produce the book of photography that Aisling first mentioned in Diary Of An Oxygen Thief. A coffee table book of true-life, true-love, photo-essays that Anonymous feared he'd be featured in. But now that he is a successful writer/self-publisher and marketer he can greenlight the very book that Diary of An Oxygen Thief was written to prevent. Producing the book he was so afraid to see realized not only shows the world how much he's evolved but steals Aisling’s thunder into the bargain. It’s as if he is at last being allowed to go back and reclaim at least some of the dignity he left in the Cat and Mouse bar that night all those years before.

Anonymous lives in New York and is currently working on a prequel to Diary of an Oxygen Thief called "Reject From a Mattress Fire" set in London in the Nineties. The author has also begun work on two other books unrelated to the Oxygen Thief Diaries called "The Tape" and "To Be Read In The Event Of Your Birth"


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