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El Toro
Private company
IndustryOnline advertising
FounderDan Kimball, David Stadler, Sean Stafford
HeadquartersLouisville, Kentucky,
Louisville, KY
Area served
United States
  • ADd Tech IP Marketing
  • MatchBack Analysis
  • Account based marketing (ABM)
  • Personalized marketing
  • Data onboarding
Number of employees
150+ (2019)

El Toro is an American marketing technology company known for its IP targeting and data onboarding platform. It uses offline data on-boarding data and focuses on one-to-one marketing technology for companies.


Founded by Dan Kimball, David Stadler, and Sean Stafford in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2013, El Toro initially began as a service to fight ad fraud.[1] In 2016, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin recognized El Toro's growth in Louisville as a demonstration of the tech industry's momentum in the region.[2] In 2017, Deloitte named El Toro the 13th fastest-growing technology company in North America.[3] Its clients include GE, Honda, political campaigns, public and private universities, financial institutions, and non-profit organizations.[4]


El Toro developed a patented algorithm that reverse-engineers the geolocation of a target by matching a physical mailing address to an IP address, enabling use in conjunction with direct marketing campaigns.[5] El Toro does not keep confidential or sensitive information on web users that would allow its customers to identify individuals.[6]


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