Ehsan Shahghasemi

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Ehsan Shahghasemi
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Rostam County, Iran
Alma materUniversity of Shiraz
OccupationProfessor of Communication

Ehsan Shahghasemi (1979 Rostam County, Iran) is an Iranian prominent professor of Communication who teaches at the University of Tehran.[1][2][3]

Early Life

Shahghasemi was born in Rostam County but was raised in Tehran, Shiraz and Nourabad Mamasani. He graduated with a diploma of Mathematics & Physics and then entered the University of Shiraz in 1998.

University of Tehran

He entered University of Tehran in 2005 to study MA in Communication[4][5] and in 2009 he started his PhD in Communication at the same university. Following his graduation in 2015, he became an assistant professor of Communication at University of Tehran.[6]


Shahghasemi's research is mainly focused on issues like sexuality[7][8], Iran-US relations,[9] celebrity studies[10][11] and critical studies[12].[13]


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