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Human Rights
Press Freedom
Founded2011; 12 years ago (2011) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
FounderDmitri Vitaliev
Headquarters5333 av. Casgrain, Suite 102,
Area served
Key people
PETER (CENO Developer)
ANTON (Machine learning developer)
RODNEY (Systems Administrator)
VENNY (Operations & Finance Manager)
ProductsInternet security
Internet censorship
ServicesDDoS mitigation
Digital security

eQualitie is a Canadian digital security and DDoS mitigation Not-for-Profit organisation focused on the development and distribution of free, open-source software, services and security training to Civil society, NGO’s, investigative journalists and independent media to protect and promote human rights and press freedom online.[1] Founded in 2011 by veteran digital security trainer [2], researcher [3] and journalist [4] Dmitri Vitaliev, the group is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Software and services

Principally known for its DDoS mitigation and Content Delivery Network service Deflect, the group also provides circumvention tools for users operating inside National Intranets, privacy tools for group chat, and digital security training to activists and journalists. They have also become known for assisting site owners defending themselves against Social engineering attacks.[5]

The company distributes the code for all its tools on Github and frequently publishes detailed reports on the performance of these tools and services[6]


Deflect is an open source website security infrastructure developed and maintained by eQualitie. Its primary function is to protect sites from distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) using a network of reverse proxy caching servers and attack mitigation tools.


Deflect was the first DDoS mitigation service built specifically for protecting independent media and human rights content online. The initiative was created in response to an influential report[7] by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society which highlighted the prevalence of DDoS as a means of political repression and censorship, and recommended practical methods to protect sites from future incidents. Launched in 2011, it predates similar services such as Qurium, Project Shield and Project Galileo. The company claims to serve approximately 2% of the population connected to the Internet on an annual basis [8]

The Deflect service became more widely known in 2016 through its defence of the activist group Black Lives Matter [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] in the US and Kotsubynske[15] [16]in Ukraine during a series of high-profile attacks on their respective websites. Other instances of online harassment against which Deflect has received recognition for protecting websites include the Gamergate[17], the 2012 Rakhine State riots[18], the 2013 Iranian presidential election[18], and the FIFA corruption conspiracy [18]. eQualitie has also been acknowledged [19] by the think tank and media organsation Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa for its help, contributed to a UN report on digital safety for journalists [20] and regularly participates at the Internet Governance Forum[21]

eQualitie is a member [22] of the Association for Progressive Communications and works closely with fellow members on digital security and DDoS mitigation.

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