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OriginNew York
Years active1995-2002
  • Jeremy Novak
  • Claudia Newell

Dymaxion was an experimental New York-based band with members Jeremy Novak and Claudia Newell, recording and performing between 1995 and 2002. Their music was largely sample-based with Retrofuturism|retrofuturistic themes, and has been compared to Stereolab and Pram (band)|Pram.[1] A compilation of most of their EPs was released on Stereolab's Duophonic Records[2], and was described as "the most imaginative and mind-expanding collage of sounds this side of Tokyo" by Exclaim! magazine[3]. The The New York Times|New York Times described a live performance of theirs as "instrumental rock, stacking up dissonant riffs as methodically as Stereolab, but without the blithe pop overlay."[4] The The Village Voice|Village Voice described their sound as "dork-wave."[5] They have received regular airplay on WFMU[6] and WNYU[7].



  • Aha, Sissy Arsonist (Hemiola, 1995)[8]
  • The Critic's Darling (Roomtone RM004, 1996)[8]
  • Verfremdungseffekt (Vesuvius, 1998)[8]
  • Use Once and Destroy (Duophonic, 1998)[8]
  • Maxi On! (2000)[8]
  • Intonarumori (Roomtone RM010, 2000)[8]


  • Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33 (Roomtone/Duophonic, 2002)[9]

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