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Dui Shalik[1] is 2020 Bengali short film directed by Tamal Sen[2][3] based on a story by Ambarish Majumdar and produced by Ice Media Lab, with Ananya Chatterjee and Rajatava Dutta in the leading roles.[4][5]


Dui Shalik is the story of an unexpected love that grows between two middle aged individuals who never share a single word with each other[6]. Partha is an under-confident nervous stutterer, and Sanchari, a smart and compassionate differently abled woman. Both live an isolated single life, where the world seems to have left them behind. They meet in a chance encounter, when Partha misses his bus and is forced to take a different route to work[7].

Intrigued by Sanchari, Partha sticks to the new bus route and over the course of months is drawn closer to her. Partha changes, growing bolder and trying newer and often ill-conceived ways to broker a friendship as the seasons pass, but of course, being the man he is, he never gathers the courage to share even a word with her. This silent friendship develops as Sanchari too notices the quiet man. Finally one day Partha gathers up all his courage, ready to strike up a conversation with Sanchari, but he comes to know that she has been transferred, and she will never take the same bus again.[8]

A devastated Partha realises, he has waited too long and just like everything else in life, maybe this too has passed him by. He tries retreating to his familiar routine, but Sanchari’s silent presence has left a permanent void in him. Frustrated, heartbroken, Partha leaves on a Sunday to take the same bus route, with no hope but to relive the memory of Sanchari. He boards the same bus, only to find Sanchari is there too, just as eager to see him! Both take their usual seats, so close – yet so far. Sanchari makes the first move – she moves closer to him. So does Partha. Their moment is interrupted as the conductor asks them, where are they headed. The two finally look at each other, now fully aware of their feelings, and the film ends as their journey, only just beginning[9][10].


Ananya Chatterjee as Sanchari[11][12]

Rajatava Dutta as Partha[11][12] Avrajit Chakraborty as Partha's friend. Tapati Munshi as the maid


The name is a reference to a common Bengali superstition where seeing a single common mynah is considered to bring bad luck. At the same time, a pair of mynah’s are considered lucky – Partha and Sanchari’s story plays out as terribly nice, but unlucky people who are perfect for each other it is their journey to finding each other and in essence, their luck/happiness.


The background score and the song "Sanchari" was composed by Anirban Ajoy Das. The song, performed by Debasis Shome and Madhupourna Ganguly was released as a single on JioSaavn|Jio Saavn, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime|Amazon Prime Music.

End Title

The end title was conceived as a graphic element following the route Partha and Sanchari took for months. Mementos of their journey, like phrases commonly seen on buses, handkerchiefs, candy, books, all stuff we have seen intricately linked to their story can be seen littered throughout. The title sequence was designed by Sudipto Shankar Roy using the actual bus route through portions of Kolkata, where the iconic old buses still ply their trade. Title design snapshot


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