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Dr. Teresa Valerie Mandl
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Born (1979-10-26) October 26, 1979 (age 44)
Stuttgart, Germany
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lecturer
  • Public Speaker
  • Educator

Dr. Teresa Valerie Mandl (née Tinz), born October 26 ,1979 is a Swiss/German entrepreneur, lecturer and public speaker and educator. Mandl is founder [1] and current manager of T.V.T swissconsult gmbh [2], a consultancy focusing on innovation strategy and implementation across various industries. Mandl is furthermore a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne's bachelor, master and executive education. [3] She currently holds non-executive board-member positions, focusing on innovation, at Fernfachhochschule Switzerland [4] as well as FernUni Switzerland [5].

Moreover, she is an awarded member of the female business network GenerationCEO [6]. She has received several honors for her academic [7] and business work, such as the RedDot Design Award [8]. She ranked under the "Top 100 Women in Swiss Business" several times after being recognized as "Business Newcomer of the Year 2012" by the Swiss magazine Women in Business [9]

Personal life

Mandl was born in Stuttgart, Germany as second daughter of Stefanie Tinz (née Reichert) and Bernhard H. Tinz, a renown German designer, entrepreneur [10] and book author [11].

She is the sister of Dr. Lisa Etienne Tinz and Sophie Tinz. After receiving her Master in Business and Economics from the University of Zurich, Mandl earned a PhD in Marketing in 2007 writing her thesis about Lead User Innovation for Sporting Goods, supervised by Professor H.P. Wehrli [12] at the same school.

In 2005, Teresa Mandl was a participant in the German RTL television reality show Big Boss, produced by UFA [13] which was modeled after the U.S. show The Apprentice [14].

Work in Industry

Mandls work life started in the family business Tinz.DCC, a design and consulting firm in Reutlingen, close-by Stuttgart Germany [15]. Further internships brought her to Arthur Andersen Stuttgart as well as IBM Storage Solutions in Somers, NY, working for then IBM VP Marketing Walter Raizner [16]. In 2000, Mandl founded her company T.V.T swissconsult gmbh [17], a consultancy for innovation strategy and innovations management. The company's staff uses a design thinking approach paired with in-depth analytics to develop scalable product, service and experience innovation to its clients.

Among T.V.T swissconsult's references are clients such as Merck, Trumpf, DOW Chemical and many other companies of all sizes.

In the meantime Mandl's company has closely partnered with her father's business, following his footsteps and smoothly managing succession.

Besides her own firm, Mandl engages in Start-Up mentoring and promotion.

Former non-executive positions include:

  • 2020-2023 Member of Advisory Board at PACTUM AG, a Swiss finance innovator [18]
  • 2019-2021 Member of Advisory Board at Senozon AG, a Swiss mobility modeling company


  • Mandl is member of Rotary International [19], Griffith Club Zurich [20], Family Business Network [21] and Schwyz Next [22].
  • Mandl is co-founder of Swiss Financial Experts Association, an independent peer-circle for Board Members [23].
  • Mandl is jury member of the Swiss Female Innovation Award [24].

Publications and Talks

Throughout her career, Mandl has been recognized as inspirational speaker on innovation, e.g. re gender-specific product management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences [25] or at various company events [26] on topics such as gender-specific innovation and touchpoint management, managing innovation and using creative inspiration for sustained growth. She has spoken at events for e.g. Allianz Suisse Insurance [27], Zürcher Kantonalbank [28], Drees&Sommer and Heathrow Airport [29].

Mandl is also a regular guest on panels and podcasts regarding innovation, entrepreneurship and future trends [30].

Mandl's publications include [31]

  • Regular innovation column for Swiss Ladies Drive Magazine [32]
  • Peer-reviewed article contribution on gender-specific touchpoint management in insurance companies, together with Dr. Carole Ackermann [33]
  • Peer-reviewed chapter "A sustainable approach for social media in business"
  • Article on "Touchpoint management for virtual products" [34]
  • Design and contribution to several studies on CRM [35] and Product Management [36], conducted by Zurich University of Applied Sciences


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