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Dr. Amy Lee
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CitizenshipUnited States
Alma mater
  • University of Washington
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Southern California
  • University of California
  • Physician
  • Nutritionist
  • Author
  • Nucific
  • Lindora
  • The Obesity Society TOS
  • Obesity Action Coalition
  • American Society of Nutrition
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS)
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)

Dr. Amy Lee is an American board-certified Physician, Nutritionist, Inventor, Keynote Speaker, and Author. She is the founder of MDietician Inc., a private practice based in downtown California. Dr. Lee is also the founder of a line of Nucific Supplements best known for its product BIO X4. She currently serves as the CMO of Lindora and Medical Advisor for Nucific.[1]

Dr. Amy Lee is regarded as one of the country’s leading physicians, certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is also a member of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. She is best known for offering personalized nutrition and lifestyle therapy to her patients.[2]

Dr. Lee is often seen at wellness seminars, weekend community seminars, and health and nutrition conferences across the country and has even addressed multiple medical talks for HBO, Hulu, PBS, and UCLA’s famed “Vital Signs” series.[3]

Early life and education

Dr. Amy Lee was born in Hong Kong, but when she was five years old, her family immigrated to the US. After spending two years in Springfield, Oregon, they moved to Monroe, Washington, where her parents ran an Americanized Chinese restaurant. Dr. Amy Lee grew up with three siblings and spent the better part of her teenage life working at her parent's restaurant.

After completing her high school education, Dr. Lee enrolled in the University of Washington in 1996, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Science, with a concentration in Biology and Chemistry. In 2001, she went to the University of Illinois, from where she acquired her doctorate.

Dr. Lee in 2005 enrolled in the University of Southern California for her Residency Program in Internal Medicine. After that, she went to the University of California for her Clinical Nutrition Research Fellowship, lastly completing her medical studies in 2010.


Dr. Lee started her career in 2008 when she began working at the RFO Clinic, Division of Clinical Nutrition, especially in the Weight Management department at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. She worked for seven years at this clinic, during which she also served at the Good Samaritan Hospital Private Practice along with teaching at the university as an assistant professor.[4]

In 2013, Dr. Lee founded the Prime Performance LA Wellness Center, where she practiced medicine for four years. In 2015, Dr. Lee became a Medical Advisor & Endorser GoldenHippo at Nucific Supplements, a nutrition supplement company, and a year later got appointed as the CMO for Lindora, the largest medically supervised weight loss company in Southern California.[5]

In 2016, Dr. Lee became a member of The Obesity Society TOS, Obesity Action Coalition, and the American Society of Nutrition.[6] She is also a member of the American Medical Association (AMA) and Chinese American Medical Society (CAMS).[7]

Apart from that, Dr. Lee is also a renowned keynote speaker, researcher, and author. She has addressed several events sharing her expertise as a nutritionist.[8] She is the author of the book Access: Addressing the Obesity Crisis, which is yet to be released.

Research and publication

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  • Misra, S. Lee, Tsz Ying Amy. Abstract: Benefits in the Utilization of the pH probe in Assessing the Physiology and Integrity of the Nissen Fundoplication in Children. DDW at Los Angeles 2005.
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Personal life

Dr. Lee currently resides in South Orange County with her husband. She is fluent in English and Cantonese.

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