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Dr.Krishna Modi
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Born5th july 1930 (aged 90)
Waraseoni, MP, India
  • B.A
  • M.A
  • LLB
  • Homeopathic Doctor
Alma mater
  • Sagar University
  • Allahabad University
  • Political Activist
  • Trade Union Leader
  • Social Activist
Years active1953
OrganizationAll India Trade Union Congress
Known forFreedom Fighter During August Movement.Quit India Movement 1942
Political partyCommunist Party of India
  • India Independence Movement
  • Trade Union Workers Movement
Spouse(s)Late.Shail Nelson Modi
  • Late. Deepak Modi
  • Late.Prakash Modi
  • Usha Modi
  • Late.Bhagwandas Modi (father)
  • Late.Sundarbai Modi (mother)
  • Elder Brother-Late. Gulabchand Modi (freedom fighter)
  • Late. Harikrishna Modi (freedom fighter)
  • Younger Brother - Rajkumar Modi
  • Sisters - Late Yashoda Modi
  • Late Urmila Modi

Dr. Krishna Modi (born 5 July, 1930) is a well known freedom fighter,[1] a Communist leader, Former President of Madhya Pradesh All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) Which has Been India's oldest labour organization, when the Quit India Movement 1942 was going on, Modi burnt the middle school of waraseoni (District Balaghat) and was absconding for 3 months Since independence, he has been working in the interests of the workers as a trade union leader.

Early Life

Krishna Modi was born into a Banyan family, which was a bit conservative that Banya's son does not work in the people's home, he is an owner himself. His father late bhagwandas Modi was a laborer and later ran a grocery store and his mother was a homemaker. Modi did his early education from Waraseoni (Balaghat). He further completed his Bachelor of Arts in 1974 ,and participated in Second Development Program from National Labor Institute New Delhi in 1975, Master of Arts in 1978 , Doctorate Degree from Allahabad University in 1979 Advocacy LLB in 1983.

I have always tried to raise the voice and standard of living of oppressed and Downtrodden people and have fought for their basic amenities, today, giving them equal rights is the direction to move towards the egalitarian society of our country. - Dr. Krishna Modi

Life As a Freedom Fighter

Dr. Modi was very impressed by Gandhi's attitude towards dalit and his image of grassroots politics like Development of village leads to Development of cities. When his elder brother opened a tea shop in waraseoni market, Krishna Modi used to bring tea to the next congress office,when he met congress workers at the same time the spirit of patriotism woke up in the modi's mind.[2] in 1941, took part in an individual satyagraha with harishankar bansiwal and motilal nayak. Due to modi's young age the leaders did not allow him to join this movement later he had to return home.He was made president of the vanar sena monkey army in august movement and quit india movement in 1942.when the British officer opened fired on him ,by the grace of god modi escaped .soon after modi burned off waraseoni middle school and escaped for 3 months later captured by the British in 1943 but released after few days and fought the freedom struggle of Hyderabad in 1947 while living in the red army .after India gained independence, the socialist party was formed under the leadership of aruna asaf ali. Modi who saw a different path from the congress ideology,now started looking towards socialism , so he decided to quit congress and became a part of the socialist party .In 1953 the socialist party merged with the communist party of India , since then modi is a whole time member of the communist party .

Dr. Modi believes that being a member of the Communist Party of India, the Congress government did not consider him a freedom fighter even after receiving a day's sentence at an early age, due to which he was successful in winning his authority from the court.

Personal Life

Dr. Modi had 6 siblings Both the elder brothers were freedom fighters. Modi was very attached to his brothers and sisters and was very much alive. In 1959 Modi and shail nelson married in bilaspur. His wife was a nurse at Korba District Hospital. When shail nelson modi got a government job In 1963 modi moved to pathakhera with his family. His wife became the most popular nurse at the pathakhera hospital because of her social work.She died in 1986 of a fatal disease like cancer. She has three children ,including two sons Deepak modi, prakash modi and Daughter Usha modi.

Trade Unionism & Political Career

Joined the Communist Party of India in 1953 and started working in the party's interest. At the same time Modi met Comrade A B Bardhan (Eminent Communist leader), Comrade Homi F Daji (member of Parliament Indore) and then gradually progressed the party further. Later,he became a member of the state council of communist party of India and while working in the trade union Modi met Babulal Gaur (former Chief Minister), who was the leader of BMS Union and later became very good friends . After the unexpected death of P.k. Thakur in 198 , Dr. modi was made the president of Madhya Pradesh trade union. At that time modi was The executive President . Modi who had reached the state level with his hard work, became a party whole time member and modi said the party has always been the first preference in my life.

In 1986 when modi was returning from He was returning from Moscow (Russia) after party training for 3 months , at the airport he came to Know that his younger son had died of brain tumor. from 2000-2010 he was national council member of the party and has been a member of the National Council of Trade Unions for 40 years, he was also the National Vice President of the Trade Union AITUC from 2005 - 2015 and was the President of Madhya Pradesh Trade Union from 1985-2015. He was also a member of the Pay Committee and other Committees of the Ministry of Labor in the Government of Madhya Pradesh and was the representative of the AITUC Union in the Labor Welfare Board of Madhya Pradesh Government. Since 2018 ,Dr Modi has resigned from all the posts of the party and trade union because he feels that the younger generation should take the reins and strengthen the party and trade union.

As The Leader Of The Coal Industry

In 1965,SKMS (samyukt koyla mazdoor sangh) was formed by comrade A B Bardhan and Dr.modi, which used to work inside the undivided Madhya Pradesh. From 1970 to present day ,Dr.modi has been working as the former National vice president and national executive president of All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) Union Coal Federation Indian Mine Workers Federation (IMWF) in the interest of the workers of coal industry.[3] started working as a casual labourer at the Western Coalfields Limited mine in 1965 and retired in 1990 as senior supervisor in civil. Dr.modi made his mark as the most popular trade union leader of WCL NAGPUR working with people like well known labor leader S.K Sanyal, he established himself as pathakhera most powerful leader. Dr.modi's invaluable contribution in the nationalization of coal mines.he was the first to participate in the ongoing struggle for the nationalization of the private coal mine of Damua in Chhindwara district, after the merger of Damua coal mine in Chhindwara district with the first in coal India . he contributed to the nationalization of all coal mines in the private sector of Chhindwara district. In 1978, Dr. Modi himself sat on a 21 day hunger strike in the history of pathakhera this strike gave a big blow to WCL Nagpur .during this strike there was zero production, zero dispatch and the direct impact of this strike on satpura thermal power plant sarni. Electricity production was not being produced due to non availability of coal.later WCL accepted all their demands and together 4500 laborers received bonus and double amount on Sunday. This strike gave him a new identity in the coal industry.This strike proved to be a historic hunger strike in the history of WCL. Joint Bipartite Coal Committee Of India (JBCCI) which is a bipartisan salary committee in which the salaries of coal laborers are fixed .this committee consists of leaders of five organisations working in the coal industry on one side and the executive of coal India on the other. Dr.Modi has been a member of this committee for 12 years also he was the chairman of the co-ordination committee of AITUC union, WCL Nagpur.The popularity that Dr.modi has gained is recorded in the history of the coal India ,even today through virtual meetings ,he is giving guidance to Union leaders by protesting against privatization of coal industry and Commercial Mining . Dr Modi made his mark at the national level from the grassroots leader.[4]

Currently Working As Convenor (U.B.N.B.C)

Dr. modi and aware citizens of the town together formed Udyog bachao nagar bachao committee to save the desolate area (sarni, pathakhera, bagdona, shobhapur).in which Dr .modi was made the convener with everyone's consent. From 01/01/2018,a meeting was held in all the areas by the committee members and people were informed here that we all have to wake up the state government to save this area.the years old declaration made by the government which has not been completed till date such as opening of new mines pathakhera area, setting up of new units in Satpura thermal power station,opening of cement factory in sukadana area Dr. modi sat on a hunger strike from 15 may 2018 to 22 may 2018.the additional collector of Betul district urging him to break your fast ,saying that you are the heritage of the country.after 7 days of fulfilling his demands he broke his fast,the additional collector went to the place of hunger strike and told him the paper progress of the new units at satpura thermal power station and new mines in Gandhigram area. The victory came in June 2020 after a long struggle by the people of the region.when the paperwork to open new mines was completed.on this victory, Dr modi greeted all the people and said that he will continue to work in the public interest even further.

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