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Dmitry Borisovich Volkov
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Born (1976-07-09) 9 July 1976 (age 47)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Occupationentrepreneur, investor, philosopher, member of modern art community
Children1, daughter Anastasia

Dmitriy Borisovich Volkov (born on 9 July 1976 in Moscow) is an entrepreneur, investor, philosopher, member of modern art community.[1] Co-founder of an international internet holding Social Discovery Ventures with the headquarters in Malta. Co-owner of Dating Group company.[2]

As of 2019, Forbes estimated his capital in $750 million.[3]

Dmitry Volkov is a member of Tretyakov Gallery board of trustees, patron of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, trustee of the educational center of Moscow Museum of Modern Art and chairman of the trustee fund of Arsenal State Center of Modern Art (Nizhny Novgorod).[4] In 2016 he founded SDV Arts and Science Foundation.[5]

He holds a Ph.D in philosophy and is the co-founder of Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies at the Philosophy Department of Moscow State University.[6][7]


In 1998 Volkov founded a company called IT-online.[8]. Затем Волков продал свою долю в UsabilityLab[3]

In 2014 internet holding SDVentures he created. The company was developing intellectual property items for creating social discovery services.

Since 2013 through SDVentures Volkov invested about $20 million in blockchain software and hardware developer Bitfury.[9] He left the project in 2017.[5]

In April 2018 Dmitriy Volkov and Yuri Gurski became board members of Gagarin Capital venture fund that belongs to Nikolay Davidov and Mikhail Taver.[10][11] In 2019 Dmitriy sold a part of the intellectual property of the management company for $215 million and got a share in the joint venture Dating Group.

Art Activity

Cinema and Music

In 2015 Dmitriy Volkov was one of organizers of the first Street Piano Festival in Moscow. In 2016 Dmitriy Volkov and SDV Arts & Science Foundation helped to arrange a transcendent piano festival in Muzeon Park.[12]

Modern Art

In spring 2015 Volkov assisted in publishing a series of albums "Actual Art" devoted to works of modern Russian artists[13][14][15][16] Together with artist Oleg Kulik he made a number of performances and art events. In summer 2015 he organized an expedition of Social Discovery Ventures employees to the American art festival Burning Man, where he presented installation "Oraculetang".[17]

Since 1 January 2016 he is a member of a board of trustees of Tretyakov Gallery supporting fund. On 15 April 2016 his contribution in Tretyakov Gallery helped to arrange the exhibition "Modern art: 1960-2000. Reset" in Krymsky Vall street in Moscow.[18]

In 2016-2017 the fund became a partner in grant program of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art[19][20]

In September 2016 during the exhibition "Collection! Modern art in the USSR and Russia in 1950-2000" he presented Parisian Centre Pompidou with an art work by artist Afrika (artist)|Sergey Bugaev-Afrika.[21]

In 2017 Business Insider named a mutual performance of Dmitriy Volkov and artist Andrey Bertenev "Aliens? — Yes!" at Burning Man event in the USA as one of the best festival scenes.[22][23]

On 4 November 2018 he participated in the performance "Dmitriy Volkov and artists" in Solyanka VPA. The performance became a part of Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich|Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich's project "The Small Button", the idea of it is a continuous five-hour dialogue of Dmitriy Volkov with artists representing the collection SDV Arts & Science Foundation.[24][25][26]

In May 2019 Dmitriy Volkov together with media artists Natalia Altufova and Yaroslav Kravtsov presented a multimedia pop-up project Faced2Faced within the special program of the 58th Venice Biennale.[27][28]

Scientific activity

Scientific biography

In 1998 he graduated from the MSU Faculty of History|History Department of Moscow State University and later got his doctor's degree in International relations in Institute of World Economy and International Relations|IMEMO.[7] In 2003 he enrolled at the faculty of philosophy of MSU, and later took a graduate program in philosophy.[29]

In 2009 he became one of the founders of Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies at the Philosophy Department of Moscow State University. The center supports and assists researches of consciousness and analytical philosophy in Russia.[7]

In 2012 he published the book "Boston zombie: D.Dennett and his theory of consciousness."[30]

In 2014 he became a member of the American Philosophical Association. In June 2014 he organized a philosophic expedition on a yacht called "Rembrandt van Rijn" to the coasts of Greenland. Among other participants there were such philosophers and researchers as Daniel Dennett, Nick Humphrey, Andy Clark, Jesse Prinz, Derk Pereboom and David Chalmers. The international scientific conference "Problems of consciousness and free will in analytical philosophy" was held during the expedition.[7][31]

Researches and Main Ideas

In his book "Boston zombie: D.Dennett and his theory of consciousness" Dmitriy Volkov studied the problem of intentionality considering arguments of Dennett, John Searle and Vasiliev. He analyzed the Multiple Drafts Model proposed by Dennett in the opposition to "Cartesian theater". Volkov also noticed that Dennett's arguments disproving some intellectual experiments (Monochrome Mary, Philosophical Zombie) are not always most suitable. Apart from that, the book also addresses the concept of subjectiveness as the center of narrative gravity. According to Sergey Merzlyakov, scholar of Scientific Research Lab of the MSU Faculty of Economics, the Volkov's book is the most complete and accurate research of Dennett's concept.[32]


Volkov is divorced. He has a daughter Anastasia.[33][34]


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