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Djordje Teodorović[1][2][3] also Georgije Teodorović (Serbian Cyrillic: Ђорђе Теодоровић;Trebinje. Ottoman Empire, 1730 - Trieste, Austrian Empire, 7 January 1815) was a Serbian merchant, shipowner, and philanthropist.[4]

The Teodorović family of Trieste, among all others, is best remembered as the great patrons of Serbian culture and of the Enlightenment[5][6].


The first member of the family arrived from Trebinje and settled in Trieste in the middle of the 18th century and expanded their business very quickly. Among the first documents found which mention the Teodorovićes in Trieste is Djordje Teodorović, husband of Anastasia "Ana" Palikuča and brother of Petar Teodorović, from 21 May 1792 who was by then considered one of the greatest Trieste traders of the era. In the document he sought permission from the City Court, to make an improvement on one of his building on Ponteroso Square No. 5 (one of the few buildings in Trieste that still retain their original external construction and appearance today)[7]. "The work would decorate the public part of the square" and "would be useful and very comfortable for pedestrians which would make it easier to pass when there is a traffic conjestion. "

From 1811 there is another document that confirms the affairs of brothers Djordje and Petar, for which the City Court issued a permit "to sell at retail one load of grain delivered from Hungary, and located in their warehouse, provided they keep the price competitive."

In 1845, a document on the registration of the company was found, "Teodorović and Roeder", in which partner Roeder invested 30,000 forints, and three years later the company "Civico Museo di Storia Patria di Trieste, Archivio Covre, No. 39, Famiglia Teodorovich"; on this and Lorenza Rescinti, "Teodorovich", in Le genti di San Spiridone, Trieste: Silvana Editorialiale, 2009, 148. re - registered in the name of Djordje and Drago Teodorović for trade of every kind.

However, about the Teodorović family itself, about the genealogical tree, much more is learned from a 11-page long will and testament of Djordje Teodorović, written on 3 September 1812. This document tells us what kind of man Djordje Teodorović was, the value of his property, how much respect and love he nurtured for his own wife, their children, brothers and the children of his brother, grandchildren, which and how many ships he owned, and how many he had in partnership with to others, the great care with which he cared for the future. Namely, in order to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings "among my children or between them and their beloved parents ", Djordje said accurately and clearly wrote his last will, leaving nothing to chance. The will was opened in the evening of 7 January 1815, hours after his death on the day he died.

In it, Djordje Teodorović writes that he was "born in Trebinje, Herzegovina in Ottoman Turkey ", and above all he asks his wife Anastasia "Ana" Palikuća to prepare a funeral for him without luxury and without pomp and circumstance (in fact, unceremoniously, without further ado).


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