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Mario Alfonso Garrido

(1990-08-30) August 30, 1990 (age 31)
Móstoles, Spain
Years active2007-present
Partner(s)Yolanda Torres

Mario Alfonso Garrido(Móstoles,Spain; August 30, 1990) better known as DjMaRiiO is a Spanish YouTuber creating content focused on soccer and FIFA, although in the beginning he started uploading Minecraft, GTA and Call of Duty.[1]


DjMaRiio was born on August 30, 1990 in Spain and is currently one of the most famous youtubers in his country, also doing live shows on Twitch and Mixer.Quién es IlloJuan, el español que bate récords de audiencia en Twitch[2]

DjMaRiiO started his career as a youtuber in 2007 with a channel called "NepeFlipao" that later changed to "DjMaRiiO2007" and in which he uploaded Minecraft videos in Survival mode or made a compilation of Alexelcapo's best moments, he really began to have a great notoriety within the platform and managed to conquer his first fans and followers but when YouTube began to become special and stricter in its copyright rules, Mario Alfonso's channel was closed for copyright reasons.[3]

This, although it was a hard blow for him, did not take away his sleep and he decided to start over so on December 10, 2009 he would create a new channel called "DjMaRiiO" which is the one that he continues to keep today and that has given him millions. subscribers and joys.[4]


DjMaRiiO started by uploading videos where he could be seen playing the games of the moment such as Minecraft, Call of Duty and GTA. In Call of Duty he was dedicated to recording his games and uploading them which generated many fans because people loved to see him angry when he did not win or things did not go so well so Mario began to upload some compilations of his anger and crying in Call of Duty. He also uploaded a series called "League of Zeus" in which he recorded himself playing games of the Hunger Games with his friends, and which was widely accepted by his audience.[5]

In the most recent years, DjMaRiiO has dedicated itself to publishing much more content related to one of its great passions, soccer, playing the games that are launched year after year from FIFA and in which it shows its advances, cards and favorite players within from one of the most iconic soccer video games. Even so, he continues to sporadically upload vlogs where he talks about his daily life and what is happening to him day by day.[6]

To this day it could be said that he is the Spanish number 1 in FIFA. Móstoles is the team with which he casts his ‘vicious’ FIFA 18. In his team he has current players, icons and legends of world football. Mario made a series of episodes of The Road for FIFA 18.[7][8] In this series he daily uploaded videos of how he progressed in this story mode. The story of this game mode is based on the second season of Alex Hunter with a professional career focused on making it big in other international leagues, such as the Spanish League. It was a series that had a great pull on its channel and that ended in just over 10 days. Later he would make more seasons of this series with the next FIFA releases, even in 2018 DjMariio made the leap from youtuber to FIFA commentator in a friendly tournament.[9][10]

In June 2019, he shared a photo with ElRubius at the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham.[11] In July 2019 he led the Real Madrid YouTubers team in a charity match against the Barcelona squad with TheGrefg as their captain.[12][13][14][15][16] At the end of the same year, youtuber DjMaRiiO was chosen to lead Real Zaragoza in the Career mode of the EA Sports FIFA 20 video game[17][18][19][20][21] DjMaRiiO himself published a video on his YouTube channel in which he said goodbye to several Manchester City players, a team with which he played in FIFA Career mode during the last two editions of the video game, such as Bernando Silva or Nicolás Otamendi. And then he would arrive at the Real Zaragoza Sports City, to visit the changing rooms and the press room.

In the video he also appears chatting with the current blanquillo coach. Some images that are accompanied by a funny text: "It was hard to meet Víctor Fernández and tell him that I would be his replacement." "He told me that the Real Zaragoza fans give it their all and that they want to go back to the First Division.[22][23] Tras esto, incluso salta al green de la Ciudad Deportiva, donde lo esperaban Luis Suárez, James Igbekeme y Raúl Guti.[24] En su gran carrera también tiene un libro que llamó "El camino del gol"[25] After this, he even jumps to the green of the Sports City, where Luis Suárez, James Igbekeme and Raúl Guti were waiting for him. In his great career he also has a book that he called "The Way of the Goal." The first novel by DjMariio, the youtuber of reference in the Fifa and football universe, a growth story in which football is the main protagonist. Feli is from Móstoles and has never been interested in sport. Everything changes when, by chance, he starts as a goalkeeper in his school team. His love of football will gain ground in his life until it becomes his main aspiration. Between training sessions, visits to the hospital with her father and that girl who can't get out of her mind, Feli will have to do her best to follow her own path; the way of the goal.

Conjugal side of DjMaRiiO

DjMaRiiO and his girlfriend "Yoli", Yolanda Torres DjMaRiiO's girlfriend is named Yolanda Torres, also known as Yoli. He appeared on his channel for the first time in 2015 and since then they have made several videos together such as: “Pack opening in real life with Yoli”, “The most handsome players in FIFA with Yoli” or “FIFA 15 ultimate team girls duel” . In October 2019 an image was leaked where he was seen kissing another boy who was not Mario, so it began to speculate that the relationship between them had ended because Yolanda had cheated on DjMaRiiO and had cheated on him.[26]

Faced with the scandal, the youtuber could not ignore so much questioning and DjMaRiiO published a video that he called "I tell you what happened"[27] and where he gave his version of what happened: "We have known each other for a long time, we have known each other for a long time We have gone through quite a few stages and they know it well. So when something happens, it was clear that it will always be magnified as it happened yesterday on Twitter”.[28]

Mario commented that Yolanda herself confessed her deception before the photo was leaked: “She tells me: 'I have to talk to you. This happened, I made out with a boy, soon I stopped because we weren't doing well and this is what happened ”. Later the photo was leaked and he was only able to corroborate what she had told him but he limited himself to asking Yolanda for respect because he had received a large number of offenses and even death threats, ensuring that he would make the correct decision in light of this fact. regrettable.[29]


In January 2021, Egoland started, one of the most anticipated events in the Spanish-speaking video game scene, in which more than 50 creators of online content met to measure themselves on the Rust server created especially for the occasion. “The only goal in Rust is to survive: to overcome struggles like hunger, thirst and cold. Make fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players ”is the way the game defined itself on the various platforms on which it was available. Internet stars such as Mayichi, El Rubius, Mangel, Fargan, Auronplay, Biyin, Ibai, The Grefg, Ampeter, DjMariio, Arigameplays, Juansguarnizo, Zorman, MikeCrack, Trollino, SParta356, Tarifa, among many more participated in this great event.[30][31]


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