Dimitrije Kolarovic

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Dimitrije Kolarovic
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Born15 January 1839
Zemun, Habsburg Monarchy
Died27 October 1899
Vlaško Polje near Mladenovac, Kingdom of Serbia
  • Actor
  • Comedian

Dimitrije Mita Kolarović (Serbian Cyrillic: Димитрије Коларовић; Zemun, Habsburg Monarchy, 15 January 1839 - Vlaško Polje near Mladenovac, Kingdom of Serbia, 27 October 1899was a Serbian actor, a renowned comedian of the National Theater in Belgrade in the second half of the 19th century. He was the husband of one of the first official prima donnas of the National Theater, Ljubica Kolarović, and the father of the famous champion of this theater, Zorka Todosić.

Childhood and youth

Dimitrije Kolarović was born in Zemun, in the family of Timoteus (Timothy) and Ekaterina Kolarides.He attended all schools in Zemun (Serbian grade school, German grade school, and high school, as he himself notes in his application for engagement in the Belgrade National Theater, 1868). He spoke fluent German. He began to indulge in theater as a Zemun dilettante in 1860. He stayed for a short time in the touring company of Jovan Knežević.[1]

Professional work in theater

He became a member of the Novi Sad Serbian National Theater on8 November 1861, during a visit to this theater in Vukovar. [2] He married Ljubica, one of the daughters of pop Luka Popović, whose descendants belonged to that well-deserving and famous "acting dynasty". A large family of this priest gave the Serbian theater seven famous names , five daughters and two sons. Ljubica Kolarović, Katica Popović, Draginja Ružić, Jelisaveta Dobrinovic, Sofija Vujic, Laza and Paja Popović dedicated their lives to the theater. Together with daughters-in-law and sons-in-law, among whom were Dimitrije Ruzic, Pera Dobrinović, Lazina žena Marija Adelshajm-Popović [3] Dimitrije himself, marrying Ljubica, [4] this "artistic dynasty" once made up almost half of the troupe Serbian National Theater | Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad | Novi Sad [5] and represented a powerful and very influential family circle, not only in the cast but also in the organs of the Society for the Serbian National Theater. [6]. The acting tradition was continued by the grandchildren of Prote Luka: Zorka Todosić, Emilija Popović, Milka Markovic [7] and Luka Popović (actor) | Luka Popović. [8]

Dimitrije Kolarović is remembered as a man of a very awkward nature, impulsive, impatient, who "often got drunk, quarreled and beat". He was fired from the Theater on 26 April 1863, for physically assaulting Lazar Telečki. As a sign of rebellion, five other members of the party joined him, including his wife Ljubica. From July to October 1863, he formed his own company, which, in addition to him and Ljubica, also included Ljubica's sisters Draginja Ružić and Sofija Maksimović Vujić|Sofija Vujić and son-in-law Dimitrije Ružić. With this company, Dimitrije staged a series of plays, and then he and Ljubica temporarily (from 1 May 1863 to 1 April 1864) found engagement in Croatian National Theater (Zagreb) | Croatian National Theater in Zagreb u, where Dimitrije was supposed to replace the comedian Franjo Freidenreich. After that "short dissent", he repentantly returned to the Serbian National Theater on 1 May 1864. However, due to another serious violation, this time a conflict with the actors Rašić and Škorić, on 19 September 1865, the Board of Directors of the Theater fired both him and Ljubica. This decision, at the request of 63 citizens of Sombor, was suspended in February 1865 until the first and smallest outburst of Kolarović. [9] He returned to the stage of the Serbian National Theater for the last time on 23 October 1867, where he remained until 26 September 1868. [10]

He was elected a regular member of the Belgrade National Theater on 17 August 1868, but did not take office until October 1868. He was a regular member of the National Theater from 1 October 1868 to mid-October 1881, with a break from 10 June 1873 to 7 March 1874, {{note | In the period from 10 June 1873 to 7 March 1874, the National Theater in Belgrade was closed due to a severe financial crisis. During which time Kolarović performed with his wife Ljubica first in the company of George Peles, in the arena George Veifer|Weifert's brewery, and in the winter of 1873/1874, they both spent in Šabac in the traveling troupe of Miloš Cvetić and Đuro Rajković. Even in Belgrade, Dimitrije Kolarović did not adapt to the environment with his eccentric behavior, so Milorad Popović Šapčanin, the then manager of the National Theater, was forced to dismiss him in October 1881, together with his wife Ljubica, due to all kinds of incidents, including violence. They both went to the Croatian National Theater again and performed on the Zagreb stage from 27 October 1881 to 14 May 1882. [11] but in May 1882 they reappeared on the Belgrade stage. Due to vision problems (blindness caused by gaslighting of the Belgrade stage), Ljubica retired in November 1882, and on 3 September 1885, Dimitrije celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of his artistic work as Uncle MacDonald in the play "Librarian" by Gustav Moser. After that, he completely withdrew from the scene. [12]

Dimitrije Kolarović was undoubtedly a gifted comedian. He especially stood out as Uncle Mija ("Old Grandmother and His Son Hussar" by Jožef Sogeti), Griezinger ("Doctor Klaus" by Adolf Larong), and Panta ("Carp" by Jovan Jovanović Zmaj). He portrayed good-natured and comic people as well as villains. [13] He is also remembered as one of the actors who played in the first Shakespeare part of this play shown at the Belgrade National Theater. It was "The Merchant of Venice" directed by Aleksa Bačvanski, whose premiere was on 26 November 1869. [14]


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