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Founded2017; 6 years ago (2017)
FounderAlexander John
HeadquartersLos Angeles,
Key people
  • Rachel Perez
  • Alexander John
  • Men’s premium underwear
  • Swimwear
  • Basics

DickPrint is an American manufacturer and retailer of premium underwear, swimwear and clothing for men. DickPrint was founded in 2017 by Alexander John and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.[1] DickPrint is best known for it’s boxer briefs and apparel and endorses modern masculinity by offering a wide range of versatile products designed to provide comfort and style allowing all men to leave their print on the world.[2]

DickPrint is a brand that offers premium men’s basics clothing, with a motive to inspire and empower modern masculine men to be the alpha of their own life, and to make them feel confident, fun, irresistible, and admired.


DickPrint was founded by Alexander John in 2017. John did not have a background in fashion or retail but started from scratch with a simple goal, to create such a brand that would pioneer masculinity and sexuality. The idea behind the inception of this company was to create a bold and original line of men’s premium basics. The brand is all about an attitude. The foundation of this company was inspired by living your best life so everyone can see your confidence on display. It’s realizing you only live once and that life is short. It’s about seizing every opportunity that presents itself. When Gwyneth Paltrow launched and marketed a range of vagina scented candles, John knew the market was ready for a brand as bold as DickPrint. The products offered by DickPrint are created to offer an optimal fit, while the boxer briefs are specifically created for increasing health and personal hygiene awareness, reducing moisture, regulating temperature, and avoiding chafing.

Alexander John, the founder of DickPrint was ready to take such a bold step as an entrepreneur after a thorough market study. He believed that there is a market that identifies with the brand and is in need of a wide range of products in multiple designs that are suitable for various purposes. He started the operations by selling his branded underwear and basics on the E-commerce website www.dickprint.com primarily in North America. DickPrint aspires to develop into a global brand that brings forth the very essence of all men, and to be a beacon of confidence to help consumers stand out with quality made products. “We strive to empower all men to express what makes them authentic and ultimately fun, sexy, and exciting to the world around them.”

DickPrint consumers range from Gen X, growing millennials, and Gen Z’s, suggesting the versatility of the premium products offered which are appropriate for all age groups.

DickPrint started as an e-commerce website and faced many setbacks such as finding ethical suppliers that are capable of innovative advanced tailoring and the supply chain disruptions caused by the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. But despite all odds DickPrint launched in Los Angeles, CA with a line of men's underwear, swimwear, and t-shirts featuring premium fabrics and very comfortable all-day styles.


The products offered by DickPrint come in a range of designs that aim at providing a comfortable, sleek and consistent fit with premium high-performance fabrics. The range of products includes boxer briefs in prints and solids for men that prefer comfort and style, swimwear, and incredibly comfortable T-shirts. Go leave your print on the world!


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