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Delotty NFT
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Delotty NFT is a collection of 3D exclusive NFT collectibles that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Delotty NFTs are 3D-enabled avatars generated with a large number of unique traits (such as Lottery ball and lottery drum) that represent a distinct identity for every holder. It is one of the first NFT that has attracted the attention of gamblers as it has a lottery platform.

DeLotty NFT is a utility token that offers its holder to own a stake in the DeLotty global lottery platform. Each avatar is unique and holds a number of unique traits that attract NFT and Crypto investors and collectors.


Delotty NFT is a three-dimensional work of art, as opposed to the more frequent two-dimensional work. Each Delotty NFT artwork is unique and has a plethora of characteristics. Lottery ball and lottery drum as a distinguishing feature

Their target audience includes individuals active in the Crypto and NFT worlds, but they also cater to those seeking long-term returns and the greatest value for their investment. Additionally, they target gamblers, since the lottery is still associated with them.


The ownership of the Delotty NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) and can be verified through the blockchain. Based on the limited number of tokens that are stored on the smart contract, the ownership cannot be transferred without the holder’s permission.


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